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1928 Kelly dir      There are 694 records.

Behrens Ernest, Balnacraig, WLocation
Belford Douglas J. D. Waverley cottage [under Wormit]Location
Belford Mrs. Tay side [under Wormit]Location
Bell Alexander, Glencairn [under Wormit]Location
Bell Archibald, 3 Albert crescent, ELocation
Bell Miss, 3 Albert crescent, ELocation
Bell Mrs. Bruce lodge, ELocation
Bell Mrs. Waverley cottage [under Wormit]Location
Bell William, St. Magnus, WLocation
Berry Capt. Robert, ChesterhillLocation
Berry William J.P. Tayfield, WLocation
Berry, William, esq. O.B.E., J.P; [under Principal Landowners]
Berry, William, O.B.E., J.P; Chairman, [under Industrial Training Ship 'Mars' ]Location
Betsworth & Barlow, plumbers, High st. E [under Commercial]Location
Betsworth George, Gourie hill, E
Betsworth Harry Carseview ELocation
Birrel Alexander, The Terrace, WLocation
Birrell James, 1 Hillpark terrace [under Wormit]Location
Bisset Miss, Leggieden [sic, should be Seggieden] [under Forgan]Location
Black Arth. joiner, Pierhead, E [under Commercial]
Black Arthur, Sunnybank,Location
Black Geo. landscape gardener, Queen st. E [under Commercial]Location
Black George, Mount Pleasant, WLocation
Black Mrs. Seacraig cot. Tayport road, ELocation
Blair George, Kincraig [under Wormit]Location
Blyth David, grocer, Ashbank [under Wormit Commercial]Location
Blyth Memorial Public Hall (Thos. Brown, hall keeper) [under Commercial]Location Location (2)
Boath William, Osborne place, ELocation
Borland Wm. P., M.A. 18 Norwood, ELocation
Borthwick Mrs. Ashbank [under Wormit]Location
Bowden Margt. (Mrs.), refrshmnt. rms. Tayport rd. E [under Commercial]
Brakenridge David H. Netherlea, W Location
Breen William W. Briarlea, ELocation
Bremner John, Esley, Woodmuir park, W Location
Brodie Charles N. incubator maker, see Steele & Brodie [under Wormit Commercial]Location
Brotchie George M. Torduff, ELocation
Brown Arthur Edwd. 8 Albert crescent, E Location
Brown Charles K. 13 Kilnburn placeLocation
Brown Chas. S. insur. agt. Laurel cott. W [under Commercial]Location
Brown David, Dunally [under Wormit]
Brown J. D. Taylor, 11 Hill crescent [under Wormit]Location
Brown Misses, Tay View terrace, E Location
Brown Mrs. Bellevue terrace, ELocation
Brown Robert H. Clifton bank, E Location [could be any of the 4 houses 47-53]
Bruce David, dairyman, Scroggieside [under Wormit Commercial]Location
Bruce James, Seabank, Tayport road, E Location
Bruce Thomas G. Derby house, E Location
Buchanan Alexander, 5 Hillpark terrace [under Wormit]Location
Buchanan Mrs. Royston house, W
Buik Charles, Braeknowe, WLocation

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