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These inscriptions were recorded between 1992 and 1997. Some of the photos were taken at that time but most have been taken within the past 10 years. Since I did the original surveys, weather and time have taken their toll - some of the inscriptions are no longer visible and some stones have fallen face down.

Quite a few photos have still to be taken.


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The Gravestones:

The stone numbers only refer to this website. They are not used anywhere else.

Indistinct characters have been inserted in (round brackets); missing characters are shown by a single dot; longer gaps by a series of 3 dots; editorial additions are inserted in [square brackets]. Most of the inscriptions are on the east side of the stones. Where there are inscriptions on more than 1 side, this is indicated.

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101 Plan[cross] Robert Balfour Balfour-Stewart of St. Fort and Arbrigland at rest 27 June 1872 aged 33 years. Not dead but sleeping.
102 Plan[on the wall] Sacred to the memory of James Affleck Stewart Esq. late Captain in the 11th Hussars, second son of Henry Stewart of St. Fort, who died at Brantford Canada West 15 May 1867 and was buried there.
103 PlanIn ever loving memory of dear "Rosie" who during her 46 years of devoted service became a part of our family - Rosemary Brace born 24 July 1895 died 6 July 1969.
104 PlanErected by Matthew Morrison Newport to the memory of his beloved wife Catherine M Gardiner who died 14 August 1879 aged 66 years.
105 Plan[west] [compass rose] Hier lays the corpes of Willim Grieg shipmaster who departed this life the 8 of Septemer 174(6) and of age 89 years who by Neptens wavs hath ben tosed to and fro but now hier at ane anker shouer with manie of ouer fleet yet once mor hie most set sail ouer admral Christ to miet. This stone was erected by David Grieg shipmaster in Wodheven. [east] 1759 D G, I A [anchor, quadrant, hour glass, scythe, crossed spades, skull] Memento Mori.
106 Plan[now fallen; inscription from Mitchell] William Turnbull millwright Newport died 7 October 1862 aged 70; his wife Margaret Kininmonth died 18 November 1857 aged 64 years; his daughter Ann died 22 July 1831 aged 5 weeks; his son David died 17 January 1852 aged 22 years; his son William died 29 March 1852 aged 31 years; his son James died 4 September 1852 aged 26 years; his daughter Agnes died 20 July 1854 aged 26 years; his son Alexander died 4 February 1867 aged 30 years; his daughter Jessie died 14 March 1878 aged 61 years; his son Peter died 18 February 1891 aged 67 years; his daughter Eliza died 30 September 1900 aged 81 years; his daughter Margaret died 20 February 1906 aged 83 years.
107 PlanErected in loving memory of Isabella Livingston wife of John Turnbull West Newport died 19 June 1923 aged 85 years; the above John Turnbull died at West Newport 28 February 1928 aged 95 years; their son John Kinninmonth Turnbull died 30 July 1944 aged 76 years; their daughter Mary Brough Turnbull died 4 July 1943 aged 79 years; their son Henry George Turnbull died 16 February 1949 aged 77 years.
108 PlanSacred to the memory of Alexander Martin aged 5 years; Alexander Martin aged 3 months; Charles M Martin aged 8 years; children of William Martin, solicitor, Hillside, Newport and Margaret Anne Crighton his wife.
109 Plan[east] The family grave of the Rev. James Burn Minister of this parish for nearly 40 years. He died 22 February 1800. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. 1 Thessns.IV.14 [south] Alexander Edie died 25 August 1853 aged 84 years; Marjory Burn his wife died 27 April 1868 aged 90; Wilhelmina Cockburn their daughter died 21 January 1843 aged 35. [west] Agnes Hamilton first wife of Rev. Jas. Burn died June 1768 having had 4 sons; Barbara Cockburn second wife died July 1779, 3 sons and 1 daughter; Elizabeth Stewart third wife died January 1842, 3 sons and 6 daughters. [north] Agnes Hamilton Burn widow of William Christie banker Dundee died 23 February 1866 aged 79; Isabella Alexa Christie their daughter died 7 July 1869 aged 49; Agnes Hamilton Christie their daughter died 27 January 1912.
110 Plan[east] Erected to the memory of Archibald Brown farmer Inverdovat who died 18 February 1841 aged 81 years; also his son Alexander who died 22 November 1845 aged 37 years; and his son Peter died at Jago de Cuba West Indies 25 May 1839 aged 25 years; also his wife Elizabeth Balram died 24 November 1855 aged 78 years; also of his daughters Jessie who died at Edinburgh 23 January 1882; Margaret Hull who died at Edinburgh 21 August 1898; Elizabeth who died at Edinburgh 10 June 1899; Robina Glendinning who died at Dalmeny 11 November 1901. [west] Inscribed by Margaret Knox in memory of her husband Archibald Brown jun. who died 5 December 1868 aged 56 years; also their daughter Margaret Elizabeth Nicoll who died in infancy.
111 Plan[flat stone] [symbols] I K [shield] I S Hier lyes ane woman of godly fame Isabel Krkcalde caled by name spous to James Stevnson maltman bur(g)es in Dunde .nd ... 60 years of age .. June 16(5.). [di Folco recorded the date as 20 June 1653]
112 PlanErected by John Hay Waterston in memory of his father John Hay Newport who died 8 February 1803 aged 80 years; also his mother Sophia Kirkaldy who died 28 October 1815 aged 82 years; John Hay Waterston died 8 September 1844 aged 74 years.
113 Plan1865 In memory of Margaret Nisbet daughter of the late George Nisbet, farmer, Smailholm Mains, Roxburghshire who died at Newport 2 April 1865 aged 60 years; Isabella, eldest daughter of the above George Nisbet and relict of the late John Hislop, died 13 January 1874 aged 72 years.
114 Plan[obelisk] Erected by Charles Mills merchant Dundee and Mary Ann Cargill his spouse in memory of their three beloved sons James who died 12 March 1869 aged 27 years is interred here; William who died 21 December 1844 aged 14 months is interred at Arbroath; and Robert who died 25 November 1854 aged 9 years is interred at Newtyle. The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord - Job 1,21. The above Mary Ann Cargill died 27 March 1882 aged 68 years and is interred here; the above Charles Mills died at Downfield 19 March 1886 aged 84.
115 PlanIn memory of Archibald Allardice who died at Newport 12 December 1862 aged 83 years; and of his wife Mary Gray who died 6 October 1859 aged 74 years; also of their son Thomas who died in Dundee 29 April 1843 aged 19 years; George Allardice died at Newport 1 February 1865 aged 45 years; Robert Allardice died at sea 26 June 1869 aged 55 years; Margaret Allardice died at Newport 6 December 1889 aged 73 years; Archibald Allardice died at Sydney N.S. Wales 24 July 1890 aged 72 years; James Allardice died at Leuchars 7 September 1890 aged 61 years; John Allardice died at Newport 8 April 1905 aged 83 years.
116 Plan[broken] In loving memo... of Willie G Tyt... died 14 October 1886 aged 3 1/2 years; Nettie R Tytler died 8 December 1886 aged 7 years.
117 Plan[obelisk & urn] [west] Erected by Alexander St.Clair, merchant, Woodbine Cottage, Newport sacred to the memory of Catherine Stuart Mills his beloved wife who fell asleep in Jesus 15 March 1847 aged 39 years; Alexander St.Clair died 24 June 1891. [south] Also in memory of his brother Archibald St.Clair, long resident in California, who died at Newport 14 August 1874; his sister Anne St.Clair died 10 February 1888. [north] Sacred to the memory of his only and youthful son Alexander A St.Clair who died 23 September 1861. When in the last and awful day, the heavens and earth have pass'd away, I then shall hear my saviour cry, Be not afraid for it is I - A.A.S. Jesus saith unto her thy brother shall rise again. [east] Calm on the bosom of thy God, Fair spirit rest thee now; Ere while with ours thy footsteps trod, His seal was on thy brow. Dust to its narrow house beneath; Soul to its place on high; They that have seen thy look in death No more may fear to die. So, soft remembrance drops a pious tear, And holy friendship stands a mourner here.
118 Plan[compass rose] Erected by Alexander Mill in memory of his son John who departed this life 21 November 1819 aged 17 years.
119 Plan[tablestone] This stone was provided by William Sheepherd and the rest of his brothers and sisters in memory of their father Androw Sheepherd who died in 1776 aged 6(.) and his spouse Ann Ballie? who died 2(9) J(u)n 1804 aged ..
120 PlanIn memory of Margaret wife of James Terras who died 5 June 1853 aged 64 years, the best of wives, mothers and Christians. Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory. Through our Lord Jesus Christ; also Alexander their son who died 28 August 1858 aged 43 years; also Elizabeth their daughter who died 11 December 1870 aged 52 years; also the above James Terras died 20 May 1872 aged 84 years; John their son died 8 December 1875 aged 60 years.
121 Plan[west] This stone was erected by William Key laborer in Invordivot to the memory of his spouse Euphan Tarres who died 3 May 1800 aged 70; William Key wright Nine Wells son to the above William Key has a daughter Ann Key interred here who died 14 January 1812 aged 14 years; also his wife Elspeth Williamson who died 29 June 1833 aged 70 years. [east] Revised by Terras Keay in memory of his sons William who died 26 September 1867 aged 28 years; Peter died 27 February 1872 aged 28 years; his daughter Euphemia died 6 September 1873 aged 20 years; and John died 1 July 1876 aged 30 years; also his wife Elspeth Scott died 14 September 1877 aged 69 years.
122 PlanIn memory of James F Rogers, West Newport, died 17 March 1886 aged 72; his wife Ann Duncan died 12 November 1892 aged 75; their daughter Margaret Walker who died 13 December 1861 aged 16; their son John Rogers bank accountant, Dundee who died 23 May 1912 aged 60; their daughter Annie Duncan Rogers died 3 October 1917 aged 63.
123 PlanIn memory of John Rogers of Northfield who died 17 January 1844 aged 65 years; also of John Rogers SSC Edinburgh son of the above who died 27 March 1859 aged 46 years; also of Elizabeth Dykes or Rogers widow of the above John Rogers of Northfield who died 27 January 1862 aged 82 years
124 PlanErected to the memory of William Raitt seaman Newport who died 23 November 1845 aged 33 years; also Betsy Gibb his wife who died 6 May 1865 aged 57 years.
125 Plan1826 Erected by James Martin farmer in Craighead in memory of his mother Margaret Moor who departed this life 11 November 1803 aged 82 years; his father James Martin who departed this life in November 1815 aged 93 years; and of his spouse Elisabeth Rollo who departed this life 1 March 1823 aged 69 years.
126 Plan[flat stone] (...)r lyes (...)lson son to Alexander Wilso(.) (...)e fre(...) of (...)rs and of his d(...)h the (..) day of (.)uni i(...)yeiris D W [shield] Al thinges must die that lyfe haith taine and so must it had never nane I lvd to die I die to live aeternallie Memento mori [skull, symbols, spade, arrow, skeleton] The dusts shal turne to the earth as it wes and the spirit to God who gave it [di Folco recorded as follows: "(Hei)r lye(s) (D)avid (Wi)lson son to Alex(an)d(e)r Wilson ()the Fre(rto)v(n) () of () and of his d(eat)h the () day of Ivni () yeiris" and describes the shield as "a saltire between three mullets with a boar's head erased in base". Jervise gives the date as 8 Iuin and the age as 35 years]
127 Plan[east] Interred here Phanaly Grieg spouse to Robert Williamson who died 20 October 1809 aged 48 years; also 1 son and 3 daughters. [west] [shears, goose, bodkin, cloth?, shuttle-shaped hole] Heir lyes Margaret Davidson spous to James Kilpatrick who deceased 170(.) and of her age 29.
128 Plan[shuttle] This stone was erected by John Rollo in memory of David Rollo his father who died May 1769. J R M S
129 PlanAnnie H Ramsay born 16 September 1875 died 17 January 1877; in memory of Rosa M Ramsay born 3 March 1870 died 18 July 1875; James Ramsay, jeweller, Dundee born 11 June 1837 and Robert Beat his father in law born 22 June 1804 both died 20 June 1880; Douglas George Ramsay born 29 June 1874 died 12 July 1898 and is interred at Johannesburg, South Africa. Erected by James Ramsay, jeweller, Dundee 1875. Cecilia Douglas, widow of Robert Beat, born 9 February 1811 died 25 February 1904; Jane S Beat, widow of the above James Ramsay born 3 July 1843 died 23 February 1911.
130 Plan[now fallen; summary of inscription] In memory of Rev. James McNaughton died 30 May 1886; his daughter Jessie died 30 June 1886; his sister Margaret died 3 October 1890; his niece Bella died 30 May 1895; his sister Catherine died 26 April 1898; his grandson Tom Somerville died at Wairoa, New Zealand aged 5 months.
131 PlanErected by Jane Ferguson in loving memory of her husband Robert Ferguson, Newport who died 15 May 1886 aged 39 years; their son Allen died 25 June 1886 aged 3 years; Helen Tyrie, mother of Robert Ferguson, died at East Newport 11 October 1887 aged 73 years; Jane Mitchell, widow of Robert Ferguson, died 9 March 1920 aged 78 years. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.
132 Plan[west] W H [shuttle] A S [east] This stone was erected by William Henderson in memory of his spouse Agnes Simpson who departed this life the year of God 1798 January 6 aged 28 years; also in memory of their son William Henderson who departed this life in the year 1797 October 24 aged 22 months. The said William Henderson died 30 March 1854 aged 85 years.
133 Plan[square column surmounted by cross] Erected by Elizabeth Anderson in memory of her husband William Henderson, late manager of Scotscraig Salmon Fishings, who died 17 September 1871 aged 70 years; the above Elizabeth Anderson died 10 May 1880 aged 80 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
134 Plan[east] J H G L [shuttle] Hir lyes James Henderson son to James Henderson weaver in Dundie who departed his life 30 November 1711 and of his age 2 years and 11 monthes. [west] Memento mori [symbols]
135 PlanErected by Catherine Carmichael in memory of her mother Hannah Henderson who died 6 November 1803 aged 29 years; and her father Alexander Carmichael who died 8 October 1845 aged 78 years; their daughter Isabella who died in infancy; and William their son who died 23 July 1868 aged 68 years.
136 Plan[tablestone, very badly weathered] W S [shield] E D ... lies William Sh(or) who died .. of (April) 1695... [hour glass, skull, crossed bones] [di Folco recorded the date as 1685]
137 PlanIn loving memory of Jane Bruce Clark, wife of John Christie, Kirkton Barns, died 7 March 1903; John Christie died 7 November 1916 aged 72 years.
138 PlanIn memory of John Christie tenant in Causeyhead who died 5 April 1839 aged 71 years; also interred here his daughters Ann who died 4 January 1868; Elizabeth who died 26 June 1868; Mary eldest daughter died 24 August 1879; Isabella fourth daughter died 10 May 1886; Margaret youngest daughter died 3 February 1894.
139 Plan1827 Erected by John Christie tenant in Causeyhead in memory of Mary Walker his spouse who died 3 July 1826 aged 64 years; also his son Andrew who died 12 December 1804 aged 2 years 11 months.
140 Plan[fallen]
141 the Rev. David Tho... minister of this par... in memory of Ebenezer Thomson his ...her who died 8 January 1861 aged 77 years; Rebecca Fourny his mother died 5 April 18(5)0 aged 66 and is interred at St Luke's, London.
142 PlanSacred to the memory of John Kidd who departed this life 8 July 1838 aged 34 years; We all do fade as a leaf -Isiah 64, 6; also Magdalene Greig widow of the above John Kidd died 13 October 1877 aged 70 years.
143 PlanBeneath this sod lie the mortal remains of Mary Helen only daughter of John F Calder, solicitor, Dundee, who died 11 August 1870 aged 17; also in affectionate remembrance of his son James Keith who died at Edinburgh 12 January 1852 aged 7 months.
144 PlanErected by Alexander Kay farmer Flass in loving remembrance of his wife Janet Dudgeon who died 24 April 1896 aged 53 years; and of their daughter who died 26 March 1878 in infancy; the above Alexander Kay farmer Flass died 2 April 1913 aged 76 years.
145 PlanIn memory of Isabella Russel wife of Alexander Russel tenant in Newton who died 8 July 1822 aged 32 years; also of 3 of their children who died in infancy.
146 PlanErected by Andrew Knox Friarton in memory of his spouse Jane Nicoll who died 10 November 1860 aged 73 years; the above Andrew Knox died 6 February 1863 aged 78 years; also his daughter Jeannie who died 26 September 1864 aged 34 years.
147 PlanErected by Thomas Knox in memory of his spouse Margaret Knox who died 16 May 1811 aged 61 years; interred here Thomas Knox who died 20 October 1813 aged 64 years; also David Knox, Flass, who died 16 October 1859 aged 78; and of Margaret Nicoll his beloved wife who died 1 December 1866 aged 82 years.
148 PlanErected by Andrew Knox Upper Friarton and his spouse Betsy Meall in memory of their children Jane Nicoll Knox who died 10 October 1859 aged 8 days; also Betsy Jane Knox who died 20 August 1861 aged 17 months; the above Andrew Knox died 13 August 1871 aged 45 years; also Janet Lauder Meall Knox died 19 February 1874 aged 16 years 9 months; He gathereth his lilies; also Betsy Baird Meall died 3 January 1897 aged 70 years.
149 PlanErected to the memory of Christian Brown died 4 October 1853 aged 87 years; also of her aunt Mary Rennie died September 1806.
150 Plan[east] [anchor, quadrant, compass rose] Tho Boreas blast and Neptons waves have tossd me to and fro Yet by the order of Gods decree I harebowr here below Where now I by at anchor swre with many of our fleet Expting on day to set sail my admirall Christ to meet. [west] 1758 Here lies the corpse of Andrew Adam son to James Adam and Margret Petray who died January the 10 day 1756 and of his aged 11 years. This stone ... erected by James Adam and Margret Petray.

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