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These inscriptions were recorded between 1992 and 1997. Some of the photos were taken at that time but most have been taken within the past 10 years. Since I did the original surveys, weather and time have taken their toll - some of the inscriptions are no longer visible and some stones have fallen face down.

Quite a few photos have still to be taken.


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The Gravestones:

The stone numbers only refer to this website. They are not used anywhere else.

Indistinct characters have been inserted in (round brackets); missing characters are shown by a single dot; longer gaps by a series of 3 dots; editorial additions are inserted in [square brackets]. Most of the inscriptions are on the east side of the stones. Where there are inscriptions on more than 1 side, this is indicated.

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51 PlanErected by Ann Mitchell to the memory of her brothers David who died 12 December 1774 aged 15 years; James who also died 19 December 1774 aged 9 years.
52 Plan1859 Erected by James Smith cabinet maker Newport in memory of his son Peter Anderson Inglis died 30 November 1858 aged 15 months.
53 Plan1843 Erected by John Murray feuar in Marytown. Sacred to the memory of George Murray mason Newport died 2 July 1873 aged 66 years; his two sons William and George who died in infancy; Margaret Raitt wife of the said George Murray died 21 July 1875 aged 66 years; their daughters Jessie Henderson who died 20 December 1890; Mary Raitt who died 16 May 1892. Melville Murray who died 17 February 1919; and his son James Murray who is interred in the Western Cemetery Dundee.
54 PlanErected by William Lawson and his wife Helen Thomson in loving memory of their daughter Helen Thomson who died at Woodhaven 14 February 1901 aged 23 years 7 months. Also Helen Thomson mother of the above who died at Newport 19 May 1872 aged 63 years; and James Lawson his father who died at Newport 25 June 1890 aged 67 years; also May Cheape wife of the above James Lawson who died at Tayport 30 May 1907 aged 84 years. The above ... [rest below ground level]
55 Plan[base only, no stone]
56 PlanErected by William Conachar gardener St Fort and Helen Scott his wife in memory of their children. David who died at St Fort 28 November 1866 aged 25 years; also James who died 13 August 1851 aged 18 months; also of their beloved and only daughter Helen Janet who died 30 April 1871 aged 18 years; Charles their 4th son who died 20 January 1873 aged 25 years; and of William their third son who died at Geelong Victoria 12 September 1871 aged 27 years; and of Stewart Fraser their youngest son who died 22 May 1887 aged 28 years.
57 PlanSacred to the memory of Helen Scott or Conacher who died at St Fort 13 September 1891 aged 73 years; and of William Conacher her dearly beloved husband who died at St Fort 10 November 1891 aged 77 years. He was gardener there for 53 years and was an elder of the parish church for over 42 years. Lord thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations. Erected by their surviving sons Robert and James of Melbourne Vic. and St Andrews respectively. The dust of 4 sons and 1 daughter lies here as recorded, that of William is in the Western Cemetery Geelong. They grew in beauty side by side, they filled one home with glee. They that with smiles lit up the hall and cheered with song the hearth, alas for love if thou wert all and naught beyond o earth.
58 PlanSacred to the memory of David Saunders who died 8 July 1849 aged 54 years; also Christian Christie his wife who died 19 October 1874 aged 75 years.
59 PlanErected in memory of Arthur Haig who died 10 May 1857 aged 55 years; and Elspeth Smith his wife who died 11 November 1876 aged 75 years; Ann Haig daughter of the above who died 14 February 1895 aged 54 years; also Jane twin sister who died 13 June 1927.
60 PlanErected in loving memory of William Landsman who died at Dundee 10 November 1890 aged 66 years; his 2 daughters Isabella Landsman who died at Newport 27 May 1862 aged 3; and Margaret Landsman who died at Newport 14 February 1855 in infancy.
61 PlanSacred to the memory of Alexander Ritchie who died 4 January 1821 aged 28 years; Thomas Ritchie who died 15 June 1829 aged 33 years.
62 Plan[on edge] 1832 Erected by John Scott mason in Upper Friarton in memory of his son Henry Scott who died 26 January 1830 aged 7 years.
63 Plan[In the wall, behind stone 62] [Shuttle] Hier lies Iams Ship... son to (W)..m Ship... who did the ... 1715.
64 PlanErected by Walter Lawson in memory of his wife Elizabeth Duncan who died at Flass 23 May 1909.
65 PlanErected by Archibald Carswell in memory of his wife Elizabeth Forbes who died 1 November 1880 aged 69 years; also the above Archibald Carswell born 28 February 1813 died at St Andrews 22 January 1898 aged 85 years.
66 PlanSacred to the memory of Jane wife of J McNab overseer at St Fort who died 20 January 1841; the above John McNab died 26 October 1871 aged 82.
67 PlanErected by John Pearson in affectionate remembrance of his beloved wife Janet Jamieson who died 29 August 1881 aged 73 years; also of their daughter Margaret who died 27 March 1843 aged 6 years; also the above John Pearson who died 10 April 1895 aged 87 years.
68 PlanErected by Robert Jamieson labourer St Fort in memory of his wife Margaret Stewart who died 20 January 1833 aged 57 years; and his son Alexander who died 9 June 1818 aged 13 years.
69 PlanErected in memory of Kenneth Cunningham died 29 September 1927 aged 73; Elizabeth Pearson wife of the above died 27 July 1917 aged 68; their son David killed in France 14 March 1917 aged 35; their daughter Jessie died 28 December 1895 aged 11; their son Alexander died 18 June 1937 aged 62; Agnes Cunningham died at Dundee 20 July 1940 aged 49; Jane Cunningham died at Tayport 17 December 1941 aged 62.
70 PlanErected by James Elder and Elisabeth Grandison in memory of their daughter Ann who died 5 September 1864 aged 5 years 7 months; the above James Elder died at Kinross 11 November 1900 aged 78 and interred here.
71 PlanIn loving memory of Annie Fowlis, wife of John Stewart who died at Twinkletree 20 April 1907 in her 84th year; the above John Stewart died at Twinkletree 4 December 1913 aged 86 years; their daughters Christian who died at Ivy Cottage, Castle Huntly, Longforgan 21 December 1926 aged 75 years; Ann Stewart died at Lennoxlove, Haddington 16 June 1935 aged 77 years.
72 Plan[broken] H S 1886 Erected by Hendry Smith in memory of his son Andrew who died 13 March 1885 aged 13 years; his father in law Alexander Balfour died 16 July 1874 aged 66 years; Hendry died 21 March 1898 aged 24; Betsy Turpie died 27 October 1898 aged 86 years; Alexander died 1 January 1902 aged 37 years; the above Hendry Smith died 26 May 1915 aged 77 years; his wife Jean Smith died 11 April 1929 aged 85 years; Betsy Turpie Smith died 21 February 1946.
73 PlanIn affectionate remembrance of Margaret Robertson wife of Andrew Elder who died 26 October 1877 aged 40 years; his youngest daughter Maggie died 11 March 1910; the above Andrew Elder died 5 April 1916 aged 80 years; their daughter Janet Elder died 26 February 1949 aged 86 years.
74 PlanTo the memory of William Black land steward St Fort died August 18(5)7; his wife Margaret Christie who died May 18(5)0 aged .. years. "till he come"
75 Plan[now fallen; summary of inscription] Jane Black died at Newport 20 October 1916 aged 87; her husband Henry Johnston died at Newport 14 August 1922 aged 92.
76 Plan[west] 2 rows of gardener's tools. [east] Erected by John Christie gardener St Fort in memory of his spouse Mary Barclay who died 10 May 1839 aged 68 years; also John Christie erector of this stone died 19 February 1841 aged 87 years; also of his daughter Jane who died in Edinburgh 25 July 1862 aged 64.
77 PlanRobert Brown died 29 April 1881 aged 77 years; Mrs Mary Brown or Wilkins only daughter of Robert Brown born 24 May 1834 died 20 December 18(83); Margaret McLaughlan died 19 January 1879 aged 65 years.
78 PlanErected by Alexander Mann residing at Newport in memory of Mary Ann Slight his wife who died there 28 February 1868; the said Alexander Mann died at Newport 22 February 1869. Both are here interred.
79 Plan[on the wall of the Tayfield enclosure] In affectionate remembrance of William Whitton born March 1804 died 8 October 1889, for 68 years the faithful servant and friend of 3 generations of the family of Mr Berry of Tayfield; and Archibald Edington died 1 July 1879 aged 64 years, for 21 years gardener at Tayfield. He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much - Luke XVI, 10. [Separately, above the entrance to the Berry enclosure:] SALVA NOS DNE VIGILANTES CVSTODI NOS DORMIENTES VT VIGILEMVS CVM CHRISTO ET REQVIESCAMVS IN PACE
80 Plan[on the wall of the Tayfield enclosure] In affectionate remembrance of Mary McIntosh who died at Tayfield 7 February 1894 after nearly 10 years service; Anne Gibson who died at Tayfield Offices 11 March 1905 aged 86 years. Blessed are the dead who died in the Lord.
81 PlanIn loving memory of Margaret Georgiana Berry, second daughter of William Berry Esq of Tayfield, born 26 May 1827 died 17 December 1906. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me, and I give unto them eternal life - the text of the sermon preached here by Rev. Dr. Maule minister of the parish at her first communion.
82 PlanArthur Alexander Nairne, fourth son of John Berry of Tayfield, born 22 June 1870 died 12 June 1871. He shall carry them in his bosom. [New stone between 82 and 83:] In loving memory of John Berry of Tayfield, CBE, DL, LlD, DSc, PhD, FRSE, born 5 August 1907 died at Tayfield 16 February 2002, and of his wife The Hon. Bride F L Fremantle daughter of Thomas 3rd Baron Cottesloe and his wife Florence Tapling born 1 July 1910 died at Tayfield 2 July 2003.
83 PlanJohn James Archibald, second son of John Berry Esq of Tayfield, born 29 August 1865, died 4 November 1866. Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven
84 PlanErected to the memory of John Berry of Westerbogie & Inverdovat-Tayfield eldest son of William Berry of Carnaveran, born 17 January 1725, died 14 October 1817; and of Janet Fraser his wife born 1731, married 17 January 1761, died 13 June 1762 and buried at the Old Kirkyard of Leslie; and of Isabella Law of Pitillock, his second wife, daughter of Major Mungo Law of Pitillock & grand-daughter and representative of Margaret Nairne, last of Sandfurd, born 10 July 1739, married 1770, died 11 June 1807; and of Margaret Berry of Abercraig Newport, sixth daughter of John Berry of Tayfield & Isabella Law his wife, born 17 September 1781, died 15 April 1864; and of Sarah Crawfurd Berry their seventh daughter also of Abercraig born 8 October 1782, died 9 April 1880.
85 PlanErected to the memory of William Berry of Tayfield Writer to the Signet eldest son of John Berry of Tayfield born 23 March 1774, died 9 December 1852; and of Isabella Henderson, his wife, elder daughter of Sir Robert Bruce Henderson Bt. of Fordel & Earlshall born 9 September 1791, married 23 September 1823, died 27 January 1877; and of Isabella (Sybil) Berry younger daughter of John Berry of Tayfield born 8 July 1861, died 4 February 1939 at Tayfield; and of Annie Maule Berry elder daughter of John Berry of Tayfield born 6 October 1859, died 29 July 1956 who also lived & died at Tayfield.
86 PlanJohn Berry of Tayfield born 7 November 1824, died at Nice 17 December 1877, interred here 7 January 1878 [Greek inscription] ; and Margaret Higgins Berry, his wife, daughter of John Burn-Murdoch & Anne Maule Burn-Murdoch of Coldoch & Gartincaber born 23 May 1831, married 15 November 1858, died at Tayfield 8 August 1915.
87 Plan[Greek inscription] In most loving memory of Wilhelmina, wife of William Berry of Tayfield Advocate and daughter of Allan G Barns Graham of Lymekilns & Craigallian born 26 August 1880, married 24 July 1906, died 28 August 1907 And underneath are the everlasting arms. In devoted memory of William Berry OBE, DL, JP of Tayfield born 9 May 1864, died at Tayfield Easter morning 18 April 1954. L'esperance me comforte
88 PlanIn loving memory of Robert Alexander John Berry, younger surviving son of John Berry of Tayfield and Margaret Higgins Berry nee Burn-Murdoch, Civil Engineer Mahratta Railway 1896-1913, Captain Northumberland Fusiliers 1914, wounded 1916. Born 22 April 1868 died 27 February 1960. Also in loving memory of his wife Dorothy Berry nee Bryans born 22 December 1878 died 30 October 1952. They lived in happy & useful retirement for many years at Chesterhill House.
89 PlanJohn Berry born 1824 died 1877. Jesus said He that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live - John XI, 25.
90 PlanIn loving remembrance of Margaret Clark wife of James Peebles who died at Bogearn 18 June 1892 aged 62 years; the above James Peebles died at Bogearn 12 January 1901 aged 75 years; their second son John who died suddenly 24 May 1913.
91 Plan[wooden cross] Petra Rachel Lambe 27.I.1905 - 25.VII.1990 . [new stone between 93 and 94, replacing wooden cross at 91] 'Never Fear' In loving memory of Lesbia Rachel 'Peta' Lambe of Acton Reynold, Shropshire and St Fort born 27 January 1905 died 25 July 1990, only daughter of Sir Walter Corbet 4th Bart. of Moreton Corbet and Lady Caroline Corbet nee Stewart of St Fort, loving wife of firstly: Victor I H Mylius Cmdr RN DSO, secondly: Sir Charles E Lambe KCB GCB Admiral of the Fleet. Loving mother of Andrew Mylius; James Louis Lambe and Louisa Caroline Scherchen nee Lambe. 'Deus pascit corvos'
92 PlanIn loving memory of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Charles Edward Lambe of Knockhill House, St Fort and Grove House, Semley, Dorset, beloved husband of Lesbia Rachel and son of Henry Edward and Lilian Hope Lambe, born 20 December 1900 died 29 August 1960.
93 PlanSacred to the memory of Frances Cooper Fraser who died 29 June 1859 aged 63.
94 PlanIn memory of Mrs Ann Stewart relict of Robert Stewart Esq. of St. Fort died 16 May 1845 aged 79 years.
95 PlanIn memory of Robert Stewart Esquire St. Fort who died 9 February 1801; and of Christina Stewart his daughter who died 7 September 1815.
96 Plan[coped stone] A W [shield] M H [hourglass, crossed bones, skull, crossed spades]
97 PlanIn memory of Archibald Campbell Stewart Esq of St. Fort who died 22 January 1837 aged 41 years.
98 Plan[cross] [blank]
99 PlanSacred to the memory of Henry Stewart Esq of St. Fort whose remains are interred here. He died at Leamington 17 May 1871 in the 75th year of his age; also of his widow Jane, youngest daughter of James Fraser of Culduthill, Inverness-shire, born 31 August 1804 died 23 June 1880. Thy will be done.
100 Plan[cross] Safe in the arms of Jesus, Safe in his gentle breast, There by his love o'er shaded, Sweetly my soul shall rest.

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