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Stone 481

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[Original stone as recorded in 1993: David Scott, Wormit, died 18 April 1931 - 61 years; wife Jean R Fenton died 11 January 1937 - 58 years; son David died 22 January 1926 - 14 years; Robert Fenton died 12 February 1961 - 81 years] In loving memory of David Scott, Wormit, 1870 - 1931; his wife Jean R Fenton 1879 - 1937; and their family David 1912 - 1926; H Freida Hayes 1909 - 2002; Robert F C Scott 1914 - 1997; his wife Margaret H G Stuart 1904 - 2002; Robert Fenton 1880 - 1961

481Scott, David1926
481Scott, David1931
481Fenton, Jean R1937
481Scott, Jean R1937
481Fenton, Robert1961
481Scott, Robert F C1997
481Scott, Margaret H G2002
481Hayes, H Freida2002
481Stuart, Margaret H G2002


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