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Stone 896

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This stone was erected in memory of those who died while serving on the Mars Training Ship from April 1895 to January 1928. Hugh Fitzpatrick; Andrew Gow; Matthew Mulholland; James Beechman; Peter Steele; Neil Johnstone; Francis McQueen; Patrick Mallon; John Anderson; Hugh McLeod; James Finlayson; John Manson; John Marshall Liddell; Thomas Wilson; William Moore; John Large; James Reid; Joseph McGrory; Daniel Munro; Alex McLennan [stone has McLellan]; Daniel Muir; John Cottam [stone has Cottarn]; James O'Brien; Alex Henderson; John Sullivan; George Croll; Robert Adam; Thomas Murphy; John Crawford; Henry Spry; James Mullen [stone has Kullen]; William McIvor [stone has McIver]; John Callans; Joseph Healy; Charles Parsons; Andrew Murray; John Barbour; Alexander Smith

896Spry, Henry
896Callans, John
896Fitzpatrick, Hugh
896Murray, Andrew
896Beechman, James
896McQueen, Francis
896McLeod, Hugh
896Liddell, John Marshall
896Large, John
896Munro, Daniel
896Cottam, John
896Sullivan, John
896Murphy, Thomas
896Mullen, James
896Healy, Joseph
896Gow, Andrew
896Barbour, John
896Steele, Peter
896Mallon, Patrick
896Finlayson, James
896Wilson, Thomas
896Reid, James
896McLennan, Alex
896O'Brien, James
896Croll, George
896Crawford, John
896McIvor, William
896Parsons, Charles
896Mulholland, Matthew
896Smith, Alexander
896Johnstone, Neil
896Anderson, John
896Manson, John
896Moore, William
896McGrory, Joseph
896Muir, Daniel
896Henderson, Alex
896Adam, Robert


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