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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993

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776Allison, Mary1945Plan
776Allison, May1969Plan
358Allison, Olwen1942Plan
28Anderson, Agnes1909Plan
686Anderson, Alexander1959Plan
142Anderson, Alexander R1943Plan
757Anderson, Catherine1925Plan
142Anderson, Catherine R1985Plan
757Anderson, Donald1917Plan
722Anderson, Edward1961Plan
769Anderson, Elizabeth1933Plan
373Anderson, Elizabeth1906Plan
686Anderson, Elizabeth Benvie1956Plan
279Anderson, Elizabeth Symington1919Plan
60Anderson, Frederick1961Plan
757Anderson, George1928Plan
124Anderson, George1942Plan
124Anderson, George1905Plan
279Anderson, George Forrest1921Plan
680Anderson, Isa Ann1962Plan
534Anderson, Isabella1935Plan
60Anderson, Janet1952Plan
124Anderson, Janet M1963Plan
850Anderson, Jean Martin1999Plan
563Anderson, Jeannie Archibald1941Plan
563Anderson, Jessie1957Plan
896Anderson, JohnPlan
373Anderson, Lawrence (Laurence)1916Plan
142Anderson, Marjorie Berry1919Plan
142Anderson, Marjory B1931Plan
488Anderson, Mary C S1951Plan
722Anderson, Mary S1960Plan
897Anderson, Norah M1993Plan
850Anderson, Rev Aeneas1968Plan
28Anderson, William1901Plan
563Anderson, William1950Plan
482Armitage, Walter Stanley1902Plan
300Armstrong, Harriet M1933Plan
487Arnot, Anna M1941Plan
487Arnot, David1911Plan
487Arnot, John1918Plan
487Arnot, Margaret E1932Plan
488Arnot, Mary C S1951Plan
487Arnot, Matilda1907Plan
488Arnot, Patrick1962Plan
792Arthur, Esther1968Plan
792Arthur, Esther1926Plan
792Arthur, John1895Plan
792Arthur, Margaret1907Plan
792Arthur, Marion1943Plan

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