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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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Searching for B :     There are 295 records.

735Baillie, Isabella1989Plan
661Bain, Catriona A1986Plan
546Bain, Isabella S1935Plan
175Bain, John Gibson1928Plan
546Bain, William1932Plan
56Baird, Elizabeth McF1983Plan
56Baird, James Findlay1946Plan
57Baird, James Findlay1965Plan
369Baird, Mary1915Plan
56Baird, Neil McPherson1981Plan
242Baird, Shiela1990Plan
326Baldie, Janet1968Plan
567Baldie, Janet A1941Plan
567Baldie, Lilias C1941Plan
311Balfour, Isabella R1991Plan
456Ballantine, Elizabeth1955Plan
409Balls, Ellen Mary1966Plan
76Balsillie, James1905Plan
76Balsillie, Janet1916Plan
76Balsillie, Jessie1929Plan
583Bamford, Clarissa1983Plan
583Bamford, Hubert1961Plan
896Barbour, JohnPlan
622Barbour, Lillian May1965Plan
731Barnes, Edward1918Plan
731Barnes, Williamina1952Plan
417Barron, Janet1933Plan
766Bartlett, Peter Jack1928Plan
37Batey, Jessie Margaret1947Plan
128Bathgate, George Alexander1924Plan
128Bathgate, Isabella Fowlis1925Plan
128Bathgate, Jemima1942Plan
128Bathgate, John Hardie1904Plan
882Baxter, A DPlan
653Baxter, DolinaPlan
882Baxter, Dorothy1965Plan
332Bayne, Ann1945Plan
169Bayne, Elizabeth1918Plan
634Bayne, Margaret1968Plan
115Bayne, Mary1928Plan
115Bayne, Robert1908Plan
332Bayne, William1942Plan
614Beath, James1904Plan
461Beattie, Margaret1929Plan
896Beechman, JamesPlan
873Begg, Isabella Philip1956Plan
543Behrens, Elizabeth W1942Plan
543Behrens, Ernest1973Plan
564Bell, Alexander1955Plan
299Bell, Dora W1936Plan

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