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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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Searching for C :     There are 233 records.

365Caird, Agnes Hill1966Plan
334Caird, Ann1945Plan
366Caird, Bessie Murdoch1988Plan
330Caird, Isabella1947Plan
365Caird, James Souter1925Plan
365Caird, Janet1942Plan
419Caird, Kate B1918Plan
334Caird, Thomas1974Plan
657Cairncross, EdwardPlan
657Cairncross, Euphemia Lesslie (Effie)1988Plan
615Cairns, AnnePlan
615Cairns, John1964Plan
336Caldwell, Anne1969Plan
336Caldwell, Frederick James Watson1980Plan
42Caldwell, Isabella1913Plan
42Caldwell, Isabella1910Plan
42Caldwell, James1912Plan
336Caldwell, James Ferguson1947Plan
510Callaghan, Aileen M F1988Plan
662Callaghan, Hilda B1986Plan
896Callans, JohnPlan
358Cameron, Adam M1943Plan
410Cameron, Alexander1920Plan
410Cameron, Allan John1985Plan
410Cameron, Betsy1945Plan
483Cameron, Elizabeth1987Plan
633Cameron, Ellen1956Plan
747Cameron, James Archibald1970Plan
519Cameron, Janet Borthwick1971Plan
747Cameron, Lillias Forbes1987Plan
358Cameron, Olwen1942Plan
821Cameron, Rev Gilbert Stuart1992Plan
483Cameron, William1943Plan
480Campbell, Clara I G1974Plan
480Campbell, Robert S R1923Plan
166Cant, Ann1937Plan
166Cant, Isabella C1962Plan
166Cant, John1935Plan
372Cargill, Annie Jean1963Plan
142Cargill, Catherine R1985Plan
372Cargill, David Gourlay1927Plan
633Cargill, Ellen1956Plan
371Cargill, Mary Gourlay1908Plan
372Cargill, Mary Gourlay1908Plan
142Cargill, Robert1967Plan
633Cargill, Robert McKay1958Plan
674Carmichael, Alexander1965Plan
658Carmichael, AnniePlan
445Carmichael, Barbara F1980Plan
674Carmichael, Catherine (Kate)1979Plan

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