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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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Searching for D :     There are 223 records.

353Dalton, CharlesPlan
352Dalton, Jane Agnes1930Plan
353Dalton, MaryPlan
352Dalton, Michael1940Plan
353Dalton, Monica Ella1938Plan
112Dandie, Anne1942Plan
273Dargie, Jane1957Plan
48Davidson, Agnes1917Plan
505Davidson, Alice Mary1960Plan
538Davidson, Ann B1935Plan
538Davidson, Annie B1984Plan
538Davidson, David1947Plan
505Davidson, David Hunter1963Plan
401Davidson, Edith Jessie1962Plan
401Davidson, Helena Tasker1936Plan
401Davidson, Isabella1938Plan
401Davidson, Isabella1914Plan
538Davidson, Isabella1961Plan
401Davidson, James1907Plan
307Davidson, Jane1936Plan
111Davidson, Jessie1976Plan
771Davidson, John1947Plan
401Davidson, Louise Jean1938Plan
537Davidson, MargaretPlan
771Davidson, Mary1960Plan
538Davidson, Robert1888Plan
537Davidson, Robert S1993Plan
505Davidson, Sarah Thomas1982Plan
325Davidson, Vera Mary1982Plan
307Davidson, William1936Plan
850Davidson, Williamina Yule1964Plan
398Davie, Christina M A1957Plan
640Davies, Amy1953Plan
640Davies, Dorothy JanetPlan
577Davies, JunePlan
640Davies, Robert Trevor1957Plan
154Dempster, Betsy1952Plan
154Dempster, George1948Plan
449Dempster, Isabell1951Plan
455Deuchars, Catherine M1956Plan
403Deuchars, Margaret1918Plan
413Deuchars, Mary1918Plan
425Dew, George DuncanPlan
425Dew, Winifred Muriel1978Plan
74Dewar, Christina1942Plan
115Dewar, Mary1928Plan
254Dick, Alexander M1925Plan
26Dick, AnniePlan
254Dick, Eliza1982Plan
254Dick, Eliza1932Plan

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