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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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94Fahey, Margaret M1978Plan
85Fairbairn, MaryPlan
368Fairweather, Alexander1903Plan
2500Fairweather, Alexander1903Plan
22Fairweather, Christina Clark1934Plan
477Fairweather, Eliza Jane1948Plan
477Fairweather, Florence Mary1967Plan
472Fairweather, Frank HPlan
477Fairweather, Frank H1971Plan
533Fairweather, Helen1959Plan
368Fairweather, James1927Plan
368Fairweather, James1933Plan
533Fairweather, James G1935Plan
368Fairweather, Mary Ann1934Plan
472Fairweather, Nan1964Plan
368Fairweather, William Craik1906Plan
477Fairweather, William G1916Plan
873Falconer, Isabella Philip1956Plan
873Falconer, Sidney M1960Plan
527Farmer, Christina1943Plan
158Farmer, Christina1978Plan
158Farmer, ElizabethPlan
157Farmer, Elizabeth1975Plan
527Farmer, Isabella1959Plan
157Farmer, James1949Plan
158Farmer, JamesPlan
405Farran, Edmond Baker1915Plan
679Fearn, Betsy1989Plan
680Fearn, David Jolly1956Plan
680Fearn, Isa Ann1962Plan
681Fearn, Margaret1972Plan
681Fearn, Walter1978Plan
273Fehrenbach, Elspeth1962Plan
576Fekety, Alexander Frederic1951Plan
8Fenton, Isabella1916Plan
481Fenton, Jean R1937Plan
481Fenton, Robert1961Plan
356Fenwick, James1944Plan
356Fenwick, Mary Helen1929Plan
249Fenwick, Peter Shaw1951Plan
860Ferguson, Davina Tervit1956Plan
760Ferguson, ElinorPlan
760Ferguson, Mary1980Plan
776Ferguson, Mary1945Plan
760Ferguson, Thomas1951Plan
833Fergusson, Christina Craigie1948Plan
781Fernie, Esther Landan1979Plan
781Fernie, Robert1967Plan
782Fernie, Rosalie1992Plan
864Ferrie, Catherine1936Plan

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