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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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Searching for G :     There are 126 records.

519Gair, Janet Borthwick1971Plan
519Gair, Murdoch1969Plan
382Gairdner, Helen Christian1955Plan
392Galloway, Annie Mitchell1948Plan
436Galloway, Clementina1983Plan
100Galloway, DavidPlan
100Galloway, ElizabethPlan
733Galloway, Elizabeth Jessie1967Plan
436Galloway, Frederick Turner1934Plan
436Galloway, Helen Mellis1974Plan
436Galloway, Isabella1971Plan
808Galloway, James Edward1972Plan
436Galloway, Jessie1932Plan
391Galloway, Margaret Small1959Plan
100Galloway, RobertPlan
818Galt, James1922Plan
818Galt, Jessie Gibson1927Plan
818Galt, R Baillie1944Plan
818Galt, William J1950Plan
379Gardner, Alice1901Plan
379Gardner, W JPlan
292Garland, Eliza R L1957Plan
260Garland, Margaret M1959Plan
82Garrioch, Mary1899Plan
652Gatherum, Agnes1974Plan
652Gatherum, Catherine1976Plan
652Gatherum, Charles1989Plan
652Gatherum, William1979Plan
498Gauld, James Y B1989Plan
498Gauld, Joan C1982Plan
507Gauld, John1966Plan
498Gauld, Margaret Mearns1968Plan
507Gauld, Mary Ann1964Plan
506Gauld, VinaPlan
348Geddes, Alexander Smart1921Plan
348Geddes, George Edwin1973Plan
518Geddes, Gwendolen Vera1982Plan
348Geddes, Herbert Henry1975Plan
348Geddes, James Lumsden1983Plan
348Geddes, Jessie McKenzie1959Plan
348Geddes, John Charles1946Plan
518Geddes, John Charles1967Plan
348Geddes, Muriel Charlotte1991Plan
218Gerrie ?, DorothyPlan
218Gerrie, Ellen Ada Rose1977Plan
218Gerrie, George Ross1939Plan
218Gerrie, Helen1958Plan
819Gibb, Allison1982Plan
323Gibb, Janet R1964Plan
43Gibb, Jeanie1916Plan

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