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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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Searching for J :     There are 68 records.

170Jack, Anne1963Plan
171Jack, Bessie1973Plan
386Jack, Catherine Anne1988Plan
170Jack, David1913Plan
170Jack, Elizabeth1969Plan
170Jack, Helen1886Plan
171Jack, Helen G1976Plan
170Jack, Helen Gray1965Plan
170Jack, Isabella1942Plan
171Jack, James O1955Plan
170Jack, James S1927Plan
172Jack, Mabel L1958Plan
170Jack, Margaret Christie1940Plan
815Jack, MarionPlan
170Jack, Mary Hampton1966Plan
172Jack, Robert H C1952Plan
114Janvrin, Lilian Ada1940Plan
106Jarvis, Alexandra1944Plan
106Jarvis, Elizabeth1951Plan
106Jarvis, William1963Plan
347Jeannin, Marie Louise1941Plan
221Johnston, Alexander1930Plan
221Johnston, Ann Robertson1939Plan
811Johnston, Barbara1913Plan
864Johnston, Catherine1936Plan
408Johnston, Catherine1937Plan
550Johnston, Christina Anderson1966Plan
359Johnston, Elizabeth1939Plan
408Johnston, Frederick A1944Plan
281Johnston, George1957Plan
420Johnston, Helen1937Plan
811Johnston, Henrietta Jessie1952Plan
280Johnston, Henry1952Plan
281Johnston, Isabella1953Plan
33Johnston, James1905Plan
359Johnston, James1924Plan
203Johnston, Jane1958Plan
280Johnston, Jean1977Plan
128Johnston, Jemima1942Plan
280Johnston, Jessie1921Plan
62Johnston, John1952Plan
811Johnston, John SPlan
864Johnston, Margaret1949Plan
612Johnston, Margaret1964Plan
170Johnston, Margaret Christie1940Plan
359Johnston, Mary1973Plan
33Johnston, Mary1895Plan
33Johnston, Mary1864Plan
885Johnston, Mary Blyth1934Plan
280Johnston, Net1989Plan

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