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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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Searching for K :     There are 99 records.

191Kerr, Agnes1942Plan
145Kerr, Ann Cramond1947Plan
145Kerr, David MPlan
384Key, William1957Plan
384Key, Winifred1952Plan
64Kidd, Ada Olive1966Plan
2500Kidd, Alexander1900Plan
407Kidd, Elizabeth Grant1915Plan
851Kidd, Jack W1980Plan
851Kidd, Nina E L1988Plan
64Kidd, Robert Crombie1967Plan
773Kiel, Arthur1966Plan
773Kiel, Elizabeth1972Plan
773Kiel, Hereward McKeanPlan
773Kiel, Jeanne B1980Plan
37King, Christina1898Plan
37King, DonaldPlan
150King, Elizabeth Berry1991Plan
37King, Henry WilliamPlan
37King, Isa CraigPlan
225King, Jean B1932Plan
37King, Jessie Margaret1947Plan
150King, John1973Plan
225King, John N1941Plan
397King, Lilias Forbes1970Plan
37King, William1880Plan
799Kingsnorth, Anthony1989Plan
478Kinmond, Jane Kidd1932Plan
710Kinnear, Alexander Ross1954Plan
145Kinnear, Ann Cramond1947Plan
147Kinnear, Hetty1972Plan
710Kinnear, Ina1987Plan
222Kinnear, Isabella1930Plan
147Kinnear, Thomas E1961Plan
104Kinsman, George1919Plan
104Kinsman, Margaret M1945Plan
104Kinsman, Thomas1988Plan
104Kinsman, William Moore1974Plan
127Kirk, AlisonPlan
467Kirk, Christian1975Plan
467Kirk, David1913Plan
238Kirk, Helen1955Plan
467Kirk, Jane1888Plan
467Kirk, Nellie1972Plan
226Kirkcaldy, Isabella1945Plan
98Kirkcaldy, MaryPlan
683Kirton, Isobel M1985Plan
683Kirton, JackPlan
683Kirton, MarianPlan

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