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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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Searching for M :     There are 436 records.

664Macaskill, ChristinePlan
474Macaskill, Mary A S1929Plan
672Macdonald, Agnes Sinclair1968Plan
650Macdonald, AlasdairPlan
468Macdonald, Alexander1943Plan
468Macdonald, Charles1955Plan
468Macdonald, Elizabeth1947Plan
120Macdonald, Elizabeth1930Plan
235Macdonald, Flora1966Plan
672Macdonald, Iain Huisdean1935Plan
650Macdonald, Margaret P1974Plan
758Macdonald, Mary May1933Plan
672Macdonald, Peter Robert1961Plan
275Macdougald, George D1916Plan
320MacDougald, Graham1954Plan
320MacDougald, Len1959Plan
320MacDougald, Lottie1981Plan
275Macdougald, Margaret Craig1925Plan
275Macdougald, Rosa Annabel Maggie1957Plan
490Macdougall, Elizabeth1974Plan
490Macdougall, John1958Plan
553MacGregor, Donald1938Plan
374MacGregor, George D1918Plan
553MacGregor, Jean1951Plan
763Macintosh, Helen Patullo1930Plan
448Mackay, Agnes1957Plan
447Mackay, Agnes (Nanny)1991Plan
448Mackay, Annie Kathleen1897Plan
77Mackay, Catherine1901Plan
448Mackay, James Hunter1927Plan
338Mackay, Jane McVicar1960Plan
338Mackay, JohnPlan
338Mackay, Mrs JohnPlan
448Mackay, William1955Plan
448Mackechnie, Agnes1957Plan
669Mackenzie, LesliePlan
740Mackenzie, Margaret1980Plan
669Mackenzie, Sheila1987Plan
323Mackie, Alexander S1979Plan
428Mackie, Anna Milne1973Plan
435Mackie, Christina1980Plan
428Mackie, James Milne1980Plan
323Mackie, Janet R1964Plan
428Mackie, Johanna1954Plan
469Mackie, John1945Plan
469Mackie, MargaretPlan
469Mackie, Margaret Craig1947Plan
435Mackie, Robert Laird1960Plan
428Mackie, William Inglis1944Plan
712MacLaren, David Maxwell1970Plan

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