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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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Searching for N :     There are 45 records.

809Nairn, Anna Crammond1981Plan
746Nairn, Helen1915Plan
247Neale, Miriam1983Plan
258Neil, Jessie1912Plan
538Neill, Ann B1935Plan
771Ness, Mary1960Plan
138Nicol, Agnes1935Plan
510Nicol, Aileen M F1988Plan
273Nicol, Elspeth1917Plan
92Nicol, Margaret1899Plan
510Nicol, Samuel Patullo1973Plan
261Nicolaysen, Edwin1916Plan
261Nicolaysen, Herbert1916Plan
777Nicoll, Alastair ScrimgeourPlan
296Nicoll, Barbara1962Plan
777Nicoll, Catherine Elizabeth Grant (Kitty)1963Plan
297Nicoll, David1944Plan
882Nicoll, Dorothy1965Plan
466Nicoll, Edith Davidson1984Plan
296Nicoll, Frank B1975Plan
778Nicoll, James1944Plan
297Nicoll, James T1918Plan
314Nicoll, Jane1961Plan
762Nicoll, Jessie Fenton1944Plan
465Nicoll, Joseph G1925Plan
465Nicoll, Margaret F1944Plan
778Nicoll, Margaret Stewart1963Plan
297Nicoll, Mary1969Plan
882Nicoll, Mary Blyth1970Plan
289Nicoll, Peter1975Plan
466Nicoll, Robert1958Plan
882Nicoll, Thomas1953Plan
275Nimmo, Margaret Craig1925Plan
326Niven, Alexander KPlan
711Niven, Eric J MPlan
711Niven, Ida Rhine1954Plan
326Niven, Janet1968Plan
83Noakes, Ann1973Plan
141Noakes, ElsiePlan
83Noakes, George V1917Plan
111Noakes, Jessie1976Plan
111Noakes, Robert Adie1937Plan
141Noakes, Robert W A1985Plan
31Norrie, Helen Soote1923Plan
431Nutter, Sarah Margaret1940Plan


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