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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993

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719Riddell, William Cramb1959Plan
325Ritchie, Adam Alexander1974Plan
426Ritchie, Clement1946Plan
125Ritchie, George Buchan1944Plan
101Ritchie, Johan W1990Plan
426Ritchie, John1949Plan
426Ritchie, John Younger1977Plan
14Ritchie, Margaret Jean1963Plan
125Ritchie, Margaret Malvina1926Plan
426Ritchie, Marit1951Plan
325Ritchie, Vera Mary1982Plan
407Robb, Elizabeth Grant1915Plan
723Robb, Helen1984Plan
419Robb, J BarryPlan
419Robb, Kate B1918Plan
407Robb, Marjory Mary1977Plan
407Robb, William1909Plan
777Robbie, Catherine Elizabeth Grant (Kitty)1963Plan
868Robbie, Henry Pearce1924Plan
868Robbie, Jane Stewart1954Plan
640Roberts, Amy1953Plan
28Robertson, Agnes1909Plan
746Robertson, Alexander1905Plan
746Robertson, Amy Wishart1938Plan
440Robertson, Andrew Birrell1972Plan
440Robertson, AnnPlan
131Robertson, Betsy1975Plan
394Robertson, Caroline Honey1944Plan
131Robertson, David1960Plan
819Robertson, Edith JunePlan
742Robertson, George1942Plan
423Robertson, GeorgePlan
131Robertson, Helen1904Plan
746Robertson, Helen1915Plan
746Robertson, Helen Nairn1942Plan
423Robertson, Hilda Mary1915Plan
388Robertson, Ian F1984Plan
746Robertson, James1935Plan
625Robertson, Jane Mary1946Plan
470Robertson, Jean Sim1927Plan
418Robertson, Joanna Sellars1926Plan
131Robertson, John1967Plan
387Robertson, John1959Plan
681Robertson, Margaret1972Plan
193Robertson, MargaretPlan
440Robertson, MarionPlan
387Robertson, Marjory Dyce1970Plan
494Robertson, Mary1935Plan
423Robertson, MaryPlan
547Robertson, Mary Ann1939Plan

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