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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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626Rae, AlexanderPlan
374Rae, Helen H1916Plan
626Rae, Marjory1947Plan
256Raitt, Elizabeth1900Plan
741Ramsay, Adeline Cairns1984Plan
523Ramsay, Cecilia D1948Plan
745Ramsay, Elizabeth1992Plan
361Ramsay, Evelyn1973Plan
592Ramsay, Isabella1989Plan
361Ramsay, James1972Plan
715Ramsay, Jane M1959Plan
573Ramsay, Janet Grant1957Plan
573Ramsay, Janet M1953Plan
744Ramsay, Mary StewartPlan
745Ramsay, Peter FPlan
741Ramsay, Stewart Fergusson1951Plan
573Ramsay, William1948Plan
256Rankin, Agnes1921Plan
605Rankine, ElizabethPlan
121Rattray, Agnes1920Plan
160Raynor, Catherine1949Plan
160Raynor, DavidPlan
760Reed, Bernard1948Plan
760Reed, ElinorPlan
726Reid, Albert1978Plan
613Reid, Alexander1966Plan
610Reid, AnniePlan
95Reid, Annie Forret1954Plan
794Reid, Charlotte1955Plan
794Reid, Charlotte1927Plan
794Reid, David1945Plan
752Reid, Davina1975Plan
724Reid, Elizabeth1984Plan
725Reid, Helen D1960Plan
797Reid, Isabella1960Plan
525Reid, IsabellaPlan
896Reid, JamesPlan
303Reid, James1928Plan
303Reid, Jane1932Plan
99Reid, Jane R1937Plan
99Reid, Jemima WalkerPlan
525Reid, John Taylor1977Plan
726Reid, Mary Shaw1967Plan
514Reid, Sheila1975Plan
610Reid, Walker1966Plan
347Renaud, Marie Louise1941Plan
126Rhind, Catherine1913Plan
794Rice, Charlotte1955Plan
716Richard, Margaret1976Plan
719Riddell, Elizabeth1981Plan

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