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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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27Salmond, Susan1905Plan
242Sandeman, IanPlan
242Sandeman, RoddyPlan
242Sandeman, Shiela1990Plan
82Scotland, James SPlan
801Scott, Adam C1991Plan
258Scott, Alexander Burnett1956Plan
581Scott, Alfred1956Plan
17Scott, AndrewPlan
17Scott, AndrewPlan
114Scott, Augustus Lennox1928Plan
445Scott, Barbara F1980Plan
415Scott, Catherine1917Plan
674Scott, Catherine (Kate)1979Plan
608Scott, Charles1966Plan
481Scott, David1926Plan
481Scott, David1931Plan
815Scott, David Jeffrey1947Plan
209Scott, Elizabeth1929Plan
370Scott, Ellen Jane1907Plan
581Scott, Grace Ann1962Plan
208Scott, Isabella1954Plan
581Scott, JanetPlan
684Scott, Janet G1955Plan
481Scott, Jean R1937Plan
258Scott, Jeannie1965Plan
258Scott, Jessie1912Plan
122Scott, Jessie1927Plan
581Scott, JohnPlan
580Scott, John1957Plan
250Scott, John LennoxPlan
250Scott, Katherine Ritchie1976Plan
114Scott, Lilian Ada1940Plan
608Scott, Margaret1971Plan
481Scott, Margaret H G2002Plan
258Scott, Margaret Hunter1910Plan
815Scott, MarionPlan
17Scott, MaryPlan
623Scott, Peter1956Plan
623Scott, Peter1972Plan
481Scott, Robert F C1997Plan
258Scott, William A1919Plan
708Scott, Winifred M1982Plan
402Scrimgeour, Agnes Blair1977Plan
402Scrimgeour, Alexander J1968Plan
845Scrimgeour, Catherine Keiller1990Plan
779Scrimgeour, George1945Plan
402Scrimgeour, Helen1912Plan
857Scrimgeour, Ishbel McLeod1974Plan
845Scrimgeour, James1935Plan

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