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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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Searching for W :     There are 218 records.

767W, H JPlan
424W, I SPlan
671Waddell, Isabella T1971Plan
671Waddell, James D1969Plan
161Walford, Catherine E1951Plan
161Walford, Margaret1988Plan
161Walford, William A1970Plan
90Walker, Aggie1896Plan
90Walker, Agnes1907Plan
68Walker, Agnes1957Plan
68Walker, Ann1948Plan
68Walker, Anne1918Plan
692Walker, Bruce1953Plan
694Walker, Catherine1980Plan
478Walker, Charles Ernest Crawfurd1959Plan
692Walker, Christian1946Plan
606Walker, David S1966Plan
478Walker, Eleanor Crawfurd1963Plan
273Walker, Elspeth1962Plan
273Walker, Elspeth1917Plan
273Walker, Francis Nicoll1958Plan
854Walker, George Paul1957Plan
827Walker, Georgina1964Plan
171Walker, Helen G1976Plan
68Walker, James1915Plan
90Walker, James1897Plan
68Walker, James1957Plan
273Walker, James Greig1947Plan
273Walker, Jane1957Plan
478Walker, Jane Kidd1932Plan
521Walker, Janet1943Plan
737Walker, Janet Brown1943Plan
102Walker, Jessie1957Plan
818Walker, Jessie Gibson1927Plan
171Walker, John1964Plan
692Walker, John1938Plan
659Walker, MargaretPlan
520Walker, Margaret1956Plan
606Walker, Margaret B1974Plan
478Walker, Mary Catherine Crawfurd1903Plan
854Walker, Mary D1947Plan
854Walker, Mary Paul1996Plan
20Walker, Mercy Anna1918Plan
478Walker, Norman Crawfurd1915Plan
478Walker, Robert Crawfurd1916Plan
854Walker, Sheila Taylor1999Plan
520Walker, Thomas1940Plan
90Walker, William1904Plan
273Walker, William1937Plan
273Walker, William1946Plan

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