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1874 Voters      There are 198 records.

No.Enrol DateNameOccup.AddressQualificationPropertyatNotes
Aikman, Andrew banker
Alexander, David merchant
Alexander, Walker merchant
Anderson, Alexander vintner Location
Anderson, D corn merchant
Arkley, David shipmaster
Arthur, John farmer Location
Arthur, William farmer
Austin, Edward R engineer
Ballingall, George farmer Location
Baxter, Thomas clerk
Begg, Ralph M merchant
Bernard, Andrew carter
Berry, John Location
Bisset, Henry Newport Location
Blyth, Henry
Boyd, Robert writer
Brand, David bank clerk Location
Brown, David railway superintendent
Brown, James cabinetmaker
Brown, John supervisor
Brown, Robert captain
Bruce, David clerk, Dundee
Buddo, Robert farmer Location
Burke, Augustine merchant
Burnet, Robert musician
Butchart, James grocer
Calder, John F writer Location
Cameron, Alexander merchant
Campbell, Alexander merchant Location
Cappon, James shipmaster
Carr, M S commercial traveller Location
Chalmers, W manufacturer
Chapman, James confectioner
Christie, William
Clark, D R printer
Clark, George teacher Location
Comar, William clothier
Congleton, Thomas writer Location
Couper, David
Cowie, Robert painter, Dundee Location
Cox, William J clothier
Crichton, P provision merchant
Cross, Alexander commission agent
Cunningham, J wine merchant Location
Dickson, David innkeeper Location
Don, James china merchant
Donaldson, John merchant Location
Dove, William merchant
Dow, Patrick merchant

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