The Newport, Wormit & Forgan Archive

Valuation Rolls, 1855 - 1922

Valuation Rolls, created under the Lands Valuation (Scotland) Act 1854, are lists of property valuations used as the basis of local taxation. They were created annually from 1855 to 1974.

For each property, they will show a reference number, an address, proprietor (owner), tenant and / or occupier, and an annual valuation. From 1864, they will also give the value and recipient of any feu duty.

Some property is omitted from the roll:

Properties with an annual rental value of less than £4 are listed, but are grouped together for each proprietor and only the proprietor is named. Names of tenants and occupiers are usually omitted (although they do occasionally show up).

The rolls transcribed here cover the parish of Forgan, in Fife. From 1895, the rolls are divided into the Burgh of Newport, and the landward (non-burgh) area. From 1903, the Burgh Wards are shown (Ward 1 - East Newport as far west as the Cupar Road; Ward 2 - West Newport from the Cupar Road west to Netherlea; Ward 3 - Woodhaven and Wormit; L for Landward, i.e.non-Burgh, enries).

The rolls as originally published have two major difficulties for researchers:

Originals are held by the National Records of Scotland, refs. VR 101/1 (for the 1855-56 roll) to VR 101/167 (for the 1974-75 roll). The rolls for 1855, 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, 1905, 1915, 1920, 1925 and 1930 can be viewed at the ScotlandsPeople website.

The transcripts available here cover a selection of years from 1855-56 to 1922-23.

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The following Valuation Rolls are included:

1855-56 ;
1860-61 ; 1864-65 ; 1867-68 ;
1871-72 ; 1875-76 ; 1878-79 ;
1881-82 ; 1885-86 ; 1889-90 ;
1893-94 ; 1896-97 ;
1900-01 ; 1903-04 ; 1907-08 ;
1912-13 ; 1917-18 ;


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