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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1909-10       (November 1909 - November 1910)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-9

Elected: George Rollo, Woodbine Terrace; Robert T Leitch; Alexander Lindsay.
Council: Ward 1: James Young, elected 1907; Simon Forrest, elected 1908; George Rollo, elected 1909. Ward 2: Daniel Lawson, elected 1907, Senior Bailie; J P Sturrock, elected 1908; Robert T Leitch, elected 1909. Ward 3: James Coutts, elected 1907, Junior Bailie; William Robertson, elected 1908, Provost; Alexander Lindsay, elected 1909.
Railway cottages at Wormit - some not in a sanitary state.
Borrowing for streets improvements.
Playground at Seacraig - £250 asked - leave meantime.
November 1909. Complaints about proposed mooring of the government's repair ship at east end of Newport - left to January meeting - no action.
Still no movement from NB Railway about ground west of Paterson's new house at Wormit for road re-alignment. ?see title deeds?
Immediate possession of ground at Linden Avenue for recreation ground - 25 year lease, 10 acres 2 roods 20 poles.
Plan and register of streets. Which streets still un-named?
Widening of footway west of Fishers Cottage on north side: remove hedge, take another 2 feet, plant new hedge & fence. Earth to come from widening on other side of road.
Unsatisfactory state of burgh's manure heaps.
State of sanitary arrangements at St Fort's cottages at Woodhaven to east of St Ian's property.
Recreation ground at Wormit Hill - ?would £50 be raised by Wormit? and ?would Hay accept £40 for the crop?
Messrs. Payne, Groocock, Duncan, Honeyman & Taylor: ?would Council construct a pond for bathing on the braes?
Mr Wm. C Leng to give £500 for fencing and laying out Linden Avenue park when Waterstone Park is closed.
February 1910. 'Vulcan' now moored and welcomed. Party to visit Commander Johnson.
Miniature Rifle Club Range - within burgh yard (against south wall).
North side of Newburgh Road at Woodhaven: thorn hedge, 'Hercules' fencing & 2 barbed wires.
Street at end of Alma Terrace - between Kirk Road and railway - call on proprietors (Mrs Agnes Fleming on east, Mr James Thomson on west) to be asked to provide kerb, channels and footpaths. (A private street - Burgh Police (Scotland) Acts 1892-1903; call to make a footpath under sec. 16 of Burgh Police (Scotland) Act 1903.)
Improvement and widening east of Netherlea - ground to be taken from Berry and Dr Rust.
March 1910. Article to Weekly Scotsman on 'Holiday Resorts' - Councillor Sturrock.
Dr Rusts's architects - Messrs. Maclaren Sons & Soutar - take triangle of ground 3' wide at west end of his ground running straight to north face of wall at east end - Council to erect wall. Council don't want to erect wall - offered £12 instead. Dr Rust won't agree. Therefore widen the rest of the road between Netherlea and the west end of Dr Rust's feu.
Cupar Road - watering trough beside the tennis court.
Mr Stewart wanted a reduction in the £5 deposit for his gas supply - no reduction offered.
Mr Mather's second annual report as burgh surveyor.
Scavenging depot at Woodhaven was moved further up the hill, now outwith the burgh.
Handed to Mr Mathers a plan said to be by late Mr Cunningham, harbour engineer [Dundee], showing construction of a bathing pond in the river at the braes - delay meantime.
Wall at Dr Rust's - Council will erect the wall, 5'6'' high, rounded top, cost of £23, of which Dr Rust will pay £7.
Ground from railway at Wormit - railway wanted to limit building line to 23' from the centre of the road, Council wouldn't agree (25').
William Cowley is proprietor of vacant ground on south side of Newburgh Road at Wormit.
2 poles on footpath at Wormit, west of Bay Road - an obstruction to the laying of concrete - poles to be removed.
May 1910. Plans submitted: dwelling houses at Station Road, East Newport, Mr Alexander Stewart, builder, Wormit. ?will wires be over or under the street to these houses? Will the Council be able to give electric energy to these houses by Whitsunday next year?
Proposed extension of electric wires to Bay, Wormit.
Bleaching green west of Mr Fenton's shop opposite the pier - wall bounding this to be set back to allow realignment of roadway.
Extension of electric wires to Bay: the Council, having read the Board of Trade's regulations and the Electric Lighting Act, as local authority disapprove of the extension. Council would agree to underground cables.
Poles on footpath west of Bay Road - delay removal meantime.
Letter to Board of Trade - your 5 years to consider the overhead wires was up 2 or 3 years ago - shouldn't the Board of Trade consider putting them underground?
Electricity to proposed Station Brae houses: At present the only company possessing the right to introduce electric energy into the burgh is the Tayside Electric & Gas Light Co. and their right is restricted to the area of Woodhaven and Wormit. The Council have no power and haven't considered the question of applying for the necessary power to supply electric energy.
Shepherd's Brae: need for improvement at foot - ?put in steps?
Fence & handrail required at part of the road leading down to the beach, west of Fuchsia Cottage.
July 1910. Complaint by Siegmund Alexander about rats from adjoining stable of Mr Ronald.
Mr Cowley's 2 pieces of vacant ground on south side of Newburgh Road, Wormit.
Delay Shepherd's Brae improvement meantime. [At next meeting]: no steps, put in channel & kerb. Sort out the bit at Mr Leighton's property.
Register of streets mentioned, and whether public or private, but not minuted.
Reply from Board of Trade: consideration delayed. Council to consider charging Tayside Electric for right of poles and wires.
26 September 1910. Special meeting: approved (1) extension of wires to Bay; (2) extension at W Birrell's feu to Railway Cottages; (3) alteration of wires from electric station to Crescent junction box; on condition that wires be put under Newburgh Road (Council to do this - £6 deposit), no aerial lines attached to buildings, no poles in or wires across private property. Charge 5/- per annum for each underground street crossing; 1/- for each pole in the streets of the burgh. Since all work is to be done to the satisfaction of the Council under the Electric Lighting Acts, consult an expert (1) whether Tayside Co. complies with all regulations; (2)whether the system in Wormit complies with the regulations; (3) should the Council make any representations to Board of Trade. Expert to be either Mr Richardson, Dundee City electrical engineer, or the electrical engineer of the company supplying St Andrews. Fee not to exceed 10 guineas.
?Discharge Wormit's non-liability for additional gas rate?
Recreation park - erect flagpole on knoll; put in sheep just now. Open in November 1910, when they will give up Waterston Park.
10 October 1910. Electric system: petition by 152 electors in Ward 3 - 'no exception should be taken to the overhead wire system in Wormit, extension of the supply is in the public interest, Council should give reasonable assistance to the supply of current by Tayside Co. to any applicant in Ward 3.' Petition to lie on the table, matter dealt with on 26 September.
Letter from Alex. Stewart - please fix the building line (for erection of business premises between Collie's stables and the electric station).

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