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Sasines are the records of land ownership. They record land sales, loans secured over the land, repayments of loans, annuities created, restrictions on the land use, etc.
They are held by the National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh, and printed Abridgements (for Fife, from 1781 - 1947) were available in the library in Cupar. The Abridgements have the bare facts about a land transaction. There are much, much fuller details in the actual sasine itself.

Coverage: From the point of view of local history of the area, I copied the Abridgements from 1782 to around 1890 (for Newport) and to around 1900 (for Wormit). There are a few earlier and a few later.

I didn't copy the abridgements completely, but took abbreviated notes from them. They are presented here 'as is', any errors are mine. I have tried to link these to actual locations wherever possible. No doubt some entries are missing, but I believe I have almost all of them. Entries concerning the large estates (Tayfield, St Fort, Scotscraig, etc) were not copied in any detail and, indeed, many have been omitted. Altogether I copied over 2700 abridgements. In time, they will all appear here.
As far as this database is concerned, I have reached 1875 and the entries can be searched here. All the references are linked, but until they are all entered on the database, they will show as blanks. At present 1070 of 2700 are available, and not all maps have been created. It will take a little time!

As an example, there is an abridgement in 1826, no. 2901, registered on 1 Feb 1826, which is in the database as follows:

RefAbridgementIn BriefRegisteredPlots
1826.02901David Gibb, presently residing at Maryton seised 42 falls 17 ells & 40 falls 4 ells grnd, pt of lands of Seacraig in village called Maryton on feu ch by Robert Dalgleish of Scotscraig, 16 Jan 1826. PR.147.14Scotscraig to David Gibb1 Feb 1826151, 97, 250sasine extract

For each entry, I gave the abridgement a reference - 1826.02901 (first 4 figures for the year of registering, decimal part for the number of the abridgement); then come the abbreviated notes of the printed abridgement; then I summarised the transaction even further 'Scotscraig to David Gibb'; I gave the full date of registering in Edinburgh '1 Feb 1826'; then plot ID numbers (if the location can be ascertained); and if there is an extract from the full sasine, it is noted here.

This transaction refers to 2 plots of land. For each one, I have given it a plot ID number (of no significance whatsoever) and where possible have located the plot on a map. Clicking the link to 'view the plot details' will take you to a page showing the location of the plot and any other transactions connected with the plot. Present-day addresses have also been linked here. In a small number of cases, I took notes from the full sasine record. They will also be noted here.

97 Maryton lot 3 42 falls 17 ells in N most street of Maryton view plot details
151 Maryton lot 17 40 falls 4 ells in the middle street of Maryton view plot details
250 Maryton whole area view plot details


Extract from full sasine:
Cupar 1 Feb 1826 … to David Gibb presently residing at Maryton … in presence of David Gray servant to Thomas Honeyman, innkeeper at Maryton … from … Robert Dalgleish Esq in favour of David Gibb … that part of the lands of Seacraig belonging to him plots 3 and 17 on the plan of the ground feued out by the deceased William Dalgleish to form a village called Maryton & made out by David Neave, architect Dundee … no. 3: 42 falls 17 ells Scotch measure, no. 17: 40 falls 4 ells; no. 3 bounded by lot no. 4 of said plan on the E, by a cart road 25' breadth on the S, by lot no. 2 on the W, by a cart road 30' broad on the N; no. 17 bounded by lot no. 18 on the E, a cart road of 24' breadth on the S, by lot no. 16 on the W, and a road of 25' on the N; … one half of the road is included in the measurements of the ground … reserving always to Robert Dalgleish the full & exclusive property of the Seabraes betwixt the northmost road or street and the river Tay with liberty to build thereon so as not to obstruct the said vassals lights, but the vassal shall have the use of the braes for the purpose of taking water there from & bleaching clothes thereon … to make up pavements; … not to block pavements … in presence of … John Thomson groom to the said Thomas Honeyman, innkeeper at Maryton … PR 147/14, RS 32/147/14


A few cautionary notes:

These are not the easiest of records to search, but you can search the sasine abridgements, and the links to the maps, here. They are also listed on the property pages found from the present-day streets & addresses.

Brief explanation of sasine abridgements     Explanation of the format of a sasine

Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded

Each of the large feuing areas is shown on a map:

Broadhaugh   Craighead   East Newport (James St - Bank St)   Kilnburn Field   Marytown   south of Marytown (Backfield Park)   St Phillans   Wellgate   Woodmuir   Youngsdale Field   East Newport Miscellaneous plots   West Newport Miscellaneous plots   Woodhaven   Landward Miscellaneous plots

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