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Plot IDAreaPlot No.SizeDescriptionNotesPropertiesMap
395Birkhillestate (various)Birkhill estate
447Birkhill18.567 acres + 5.699 acres + 3 roods 18 polland from Birkhill estate (various lots)(Railway)railwayyes
162Broadhaughwhole park or croftyes
170Broadhaugh(Duncan / Walker)60 West Roadyes
171Broadhaugh5 pieces of ground(McEwan, Symon, Kermath)44 West Roadyes
173Broadhaugh(Landale, Holden)4 West Roadyes
174Broadhaugh48 yds N-S, 43' E-W(David Just, 1)River House, West Rdyes
175BroadhaughE half of small park(David Just, 2)28-42 West Roadyes
176Broadhaugh(David Just, 3)
177Broadhaughpiece of ground(Henderson)Coronation Garden, Well Cott, Riverside Cott [3]yes
178Broadhaughpiece of ground(Patrick, Bell / Hill 1, Shaw & Bell)62 West Road (part)yes
179BroadhaughE most of 2 dwelling houses & ground(Henderson, Bell / Hill 2, Shaw & Bell)Well Cott, Riverside Cott [3]yes
180BroadhaughW most of 2 dwelling houses & ground(Henderson, Jack / Crow)Coronation Gardenyes
181BroadhaughFig Tree / Harris Land2 houses with garden behind & on west side(A Baird / Ann Just)Fig Tree / Graham Place / Harris Landyes
182BroadhaughW half of small park(Barbara Mackie & Robert Just)West Road - 48, 50, garden of 44yes
183Broadhaughabout 1 rood + small narrow piece ground(pts 2, 2a)(Mackie / Just, Symon)44 West Road (garden)yes
191Broadhaugh23 falls 14 ells(David to John Just)36-38 West Roadyes
195Broadhaughpiece of ground & buildings(Thomas Just)70-76 West Roadyes
203Broadhaugh29 falls 33 ells(George Just)40-42 West Roadyes
216Broadhaugh54 pol 20.5 yds [sometimes quoted as 20.25 yds]on N of High Road, Newport to Woodhaven(David to David Just)28-34 West Roadyes
217Broadhaughpiece of ground (+ additional 5 sq yd added 1864)(Ritchie, Chapman)68 West Roadyes
226BroadhaughE half of 54 pol 20.5 yds(David Just, Johnston)28-30 West Roadyes
227BroadhaughW half of 54 pol 20.5 yds(David Just)32-34 West Roadyes
257Broadhaugh21 polE portion of pt of west half of small park(Robert Just / Jane Just)48 West Roadyes
258Broadhaughpiece of ground(Kilgour)66 West Roadyes
263BroadhaughE-most lot of 5 front lotspart of garden(James Harris)Figtreeyes
264Broadhaugh2nd lot from E of 5 front lotspart of garden(Robert Harris)Figtree / Graham Placeyes
265BroadhaughMiddle of 5 front lotspart of garden(William Harris)Harris Landyes
266Broadhaugh2nd lot from W of 5 front lotspart of garden(Thomas Harris)10 West Rdyes
267BroadhaughW-most lot of 5 front lotspart of garden(Alexander Harris)Harris Landyes
299Broadhaughhouse & garden(Rev T Just)70 West Roadyes
314Broadhaughadditional 5 sq yd(Chapman)68 West Roadyes
363Broadhaugh50 pol(Wm Just / Cramb)52 West Roadyes
364Broadhaugh(Wm Just / Mackie)54-58 West Roadyes
376Broadhaugh12' stripW-most part of E half of sm park (pt 3)44 West Road (track)yes
377Broadhaughpiece of ground at riverside28-42 West Rd (ground to the north)yes
378Broadhaughpiece of ground & growing timber (pt 1)(McEwan, Symon, Kermath)44 West Roadyes
379Broadhaughsmall piece of groundsmall piece of ground (pt 3a)44 West Road (part)yes
166CausewayheadJustfield, The Holes+ 2 rigs of landChesterhill (present-day)yes
1Craigheadlot 15150 polbounded on N by turnpike to Tayport; on S by 25' road(Wm Smith)108 - 110 Tay Streetyes
2Craigheadlot 15 east(H Blyth)108 Tay Streetyes
21Craigheadlot 3046 pol 15 yds(Mudie)8 Prospect Tceyes
40Craigheadlot 2840 polpart of 610 poles(Whyte)14 Prospect Tceyes
41Craigheadlot 3142 pol 15 yd(Whitton)6 Prospect Tceyes
42Craigheadlot 458 pol 10ydon N side of Ferryport turnpike, between it and the sea(Brown)99 Tay Styes
43Craigheadlot 20 west50 polN & S of 20' roads(Lee)3 Bank Styes
46Craighead36 pol 27 ydsbounded N by 25' street; S partly by 25' street(Connel)18-20 Tayview Tceyes
47Craighead1 acrebounded N by 4' path; E by 15' road; S by turnpike & 17'6" road(Leng)111 Tay Styes
51Craigheadlot 23 (part) & 24 (part)37 pol 8 ydsN & S of 25' streets(Dryden / Robertson)14 Tayview Tce, 7 Prospect Tceyes
52Craigheadlot 24 (part)37.5 polN & S of 25' streetsright to spring etc (Comer)16 Tayview Tceyes

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Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded

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