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Old Street Names

Old Street Name Present Day Name
Adie's Road / Adies Lane / Adie's Brae Riverside Lane
Albert Street Albert Crescent
Bell Street Struan Place
Berry Place Cupar Road, between Station Brae and Victoria Street
Blyth Hall Street Blyth Street
Boat Road sometimes refers to Boat Brae
Castle Road Castle Brae
Causewayhead Road Station Brae
Craighead Road East Queen Street ; sometimes refers to Tay Terrace
Cuthberts Road Wellgate Street
Ferry Road Tay Street
Gardyne Street Myrtle Terrace
Gas Lane / Gas Works Lane Granary Lane
Gowrie Hill Gowrie Street
Hill Brae Hill Street
Hillcrest Road Hill Crescent
Hillside Hillside Place
Hillside Road Hillside Place
Kilnburn Place Kilnburn
Linden Avenue in 1890s, sometimes refers to Norwood
Lower Woodmuir Terrace Woodmuir Crescent
Mount Stewart Road (part) Viewmount Road
Nairne Street Kerr Street
Newburgh Road from Kinbrae west to the end of Wormit: West Road, St Fort Road, Riverside Road, Naughton Road, Kilmany Road
Newton Park Kilmany Road : 41 - 79
North Street Tay Street
Old Kirk Road Kirk Road
Old Pier Road Granary Lane
Pier Road Boat Road & Boat Brae
Pierhead Boat Road & Boat Brae
Pilmor Street Tay Terrace
Prinlaws Place Blyth Street
Scroggieside North Terrace
Smithy Brae Lane lane between High Road and Boat Road beside the burn
St Fort Road Kilmany Road
St Phillans Place Cupar Road from High Street up to Hillside Place
Station Road Station Brae
Tayport Road Tay Street
Upper Woodmuir Terrace Beechwood Terrace East and West ; sometimes refers to Woodmuir Terrace
Victoria Road Victoria Street
Wester Bogie Place Scott Street
Woodhaven Road West Road
Woodmuir Lower Terrace Woodmuir Crescent
Woodmuir Upper Terrace Beechwood Terrace East and West ; sometimes refers to Woodmuir Terrace
Woodriffe Terrace Kerr Street; also the block 1 - 7 Tay Terrace
Youngsdale Street Youngsdale Place


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