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Plot 178:   Broadhaugh 

AreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesPropertiesPlot ID
Broadhaughpiece of ground(Patrick, Bell / Hill, 1, Shaw & Bell)62 West Road178
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Properties on this plot:

62 West Road   Well Cottage, West Road   


Larger plot from which this one is created :   

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
162Broadhaughwhole park or croftwhole park


Sasine Abridgements (in reverse order):

RefIn BriefAbridgementRegisteredPlot IDs
1846.00298James Bell to Rev Thomas JustRev Thomas Just residing Newport seised a pce of grnd, pt of Broadhaugh; & pts of pce of grnd pt of Broadhaugh viz. E-most of 2 dw houses on said piece grnd & piece of grnd in front & garden grnd at back thereof & grnd to N of said garden, pts of Inverdovat on disp by James Bell, prop in Trust, consent Tr & commiss on seq est of Peter Bell, May 18461846178, 179
1846.00170Elizabeth Murray load repaidElizabeth Murray, relict of Robert Anderson, grants disch of bond & disp £400 by Peter Bell & James Bell & Walter Shaw, Nov 1839, & declares pce of Broadhaugh & other pts of Broadhaugh, all parts of Inverdovat disburdened thereof (see v3, 4638)23 May 1846178
1839.04638loan by Elizabeth MurrayElizabeth Murray seised pce of croft of Broadhaugh in security £400 on bond & disp by Peter Bell & James Bell & Walter Shaw10 Dec 1839178
1839.04387Peter Bell to Walter Shaw & James BellWalter Shaw & James Bell seised a pce of grnd, pt of croft of Broadhaugh; & pts of pce of grnd viz. E-most of 2 houses on said piece grnd & grnd in front of E-most ho & garden behind & grnd to N of said garden - on disp by Peter Bell11 Jul 1839178, 179
1839.04271Margaret Hill to Peter BellPeter Bell gets ren by Margaret Hill, relict of Alexander Bell of pce grnd pt of croft of Broadhaugh; & of her liferent right in disp & assig by William Patrick, boatman, Newport, 18 Oct 1828, & in disp by David Henderson, son of Thomas Henderson, wright, Newport, 16 Jan 1829 (see v2, 4551 & 4701)25 May 1839178, 179
1828.04551William Just to William Patrick to Alexander Bell & Margaret HillAlexander Bell & spouse Margaret Hill siesed fee & liferent pce of grnd pt of Croft of Broadhaugh on disp by William Just, mason, Justfield to William Patrick, boatman, Newport, 2 Dec 1826, & assig by him, Oct 182826 Nov 1828178sasine extract

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Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded


Names in Sasines:

1846.00170Anderson, Elizabeth
1846.00170Anderson, Robert
1839.04271Bell, Alexander
1828.04551Bell, Alexander
1846.00298Bell, James
1846.00170Bell, James
1839.04638Bell, James
1839.04387Bell, James
1839.04271Bell, Margaret
1828.04551Bell, Margaret
1846.00298Bell, Peter
1846.00170Bell, Peter
1839.04638Bell, Peter
1839.04387Bell, Peter
1839.04271Bell, Peter
1839.04271Henderson, David
1839.04271Henderson, Thomas
1828.04551Hill, Margaret
1846.00298Just, Rev Thomas
1828.04551Just, William
1846.00170Murray, Elizabeth
1839.04638Murray, Elizabeth
1839.04271Patrick, William
1828.04551Patrick, William
1846.00170Shaw, Walter
1839.04638Shaw, Walter
1839.04387Shaw, Walter


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