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Plot 196:   Woodmuir  -  about 12 acres + 36 pol triangle  -  whole park

AreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesPropertiesPlot ID
Woodmuirwhole parkabout 12 acres + 36 pol triangle196
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Sub-plots created from this plot :   

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
50Woodmuirlot 444.5 poles(Henderson)13 West Road
110Woodmuirlot 1141 poles(Scott)5 Woodmuir Cres
118Woodmuirlot 234.25 poleson south side of turnpike road7 West Road
119Woodmuirlot 1032.33 poles(Patrick)7 Woodmuir Cres
125Woodmuirlot 934 poles(Stewart)9 Woodmuir Cres
212Woodmuirlot 1444.5 poles(Shepherd)8 Shepherds Road, 2 Woodmuir Tce
213Woodmuirlot 336 poles(Taylor)9, 11 West Road
219Woodmuirlot 1650.5 poles(John Just)5-7 Woodmuir Tce
248Woodmuirlot 3064 poles(D Just)12 Shepherds Road
277Woodmuirlot 1857.5 pol(George Just)
279Woodmuirlot 546 poles(Murdoch)15, 17 West Road
310Woodmuirlot 1249 pol(Begg)1-3 Woodmuir Cres
325Woodmuirlot 1564 pol(Whittet)1 Woodmuir Tce, 10 Shepherds Rd
329Woodmuir34 pol 22 yd(Scrggie)31 Woodmuir Terrace
332Woodmuirlot 832.5 pol(Scrymgeour)11-13 Woodmuir Cres


Sasine Abridgements (in reverse order):

RefIn BriefAbridgementRegisteredPlot IDs
1882.01841St Fort to David ScroggieFeu ch by Trs Jane Stewart, St Fort, consent Alexander Robertson, to David Scroggie, 1 Morgan Tce, Dundee, of 34 pol 22 yd & dw ho t/on, : N by 25' street, : S by cart / carriage road, in Woodmuir Park16 May 1882329 , 196
1866.00838St Fort to William ScrymgeourWilliam Scrimgeour draper regist feu ch to himself by Henry Stewart, St Fort, consent George Just, of 32.5 pol lot 8 of Woodmoor Park5 Feb 1866196, 332
1864.03015St Fort to Helen, Ann & Elizabeth WhittetHelen, Ann & Elizabeth Whittet register feu ch to themselves by Henry Stewart, St Fort, consent George Just builder, of 64 pol grnd no. 15 on feuing plan of Woodmoor Park29 Dec 1864196, 325
1864.02998St Fort to Helen, Ann & Elizabeth WhittetHelen, Ann & Elizabeth Whittet spinsters Newport get feu ch by Henry Stewart, St Fort, consent George Just builder, of 64 pol grnd no. 15 on feuing plan of Woodmoor Park declaring Helen Whittet shall have full power to sell etc said subjects.14 Dec 1864196, 325
1862.01429Tayfield to St FortHenry Stewart, St Fort regist disp to himself by John Berry Tayfield of park or field of land called Woodmuir Park, pt of lands of Inverdovat, & salmon fishing to westward of Newport pier, possession of the lands of Inverdovat with houses & yards consisting of about 2 acres [? 12 acres] ground; and a triangular pce ground 36 pol, pts of the Tenandry of Tayfield15 Nov 1862196
1862.01130St Fort to George Johnston Scott & John ScottGeorge Johnston Scott & John Scott regist feu ch tp themselves by Henry Stewart, St Fort, consent of George Just, of 41 pol no. 11 on feuing plan of Woodmuir Park20 Jun 1862196, 110
1862.01105St Fort to Ralph Morton BeggRalph Morton Begg regist feu ch to himself by Henry Stewart, St Fort of 49 pol lot 12 of Woodmoor Park9 Jun 1862196, 310
1861.00203St Fort to John Anderson StewartJohn Anderson Stewart, portrait painter Dundee, regist feu ch to himself by Henry Stewart, St Fort, consent of George Just of 34 pol & ho etc t/on, no. 9 on feuing plan of Woodmoor Park20 Apr 1861125, 196
1858.01444St Fort to David MurdochDavid Murdoch, blacksmith Forgan seised 46 pol grnd & ho etc t/on, lot 5 of Woodmoor Park on feu ch by H Stewart, St Fort, consent of George Just4 Mar 1858196, 279
1858.01407St Fort to George JustGeorge Just seised lot of 57.5 pol, lot 18 Woodmoor Park with ho etc t/on on feu ch by Henry Stewart, St Fort15 Feb 1858196, 277sasine extract
1857.01007St Fort to Keturah Shepherd / PatrickKeturah Shepherd, relict of James Patrick, seised liferent lot 10 Woodmoor Park & ho etc t/on on feu ch by Henry Stewart, St Fort, consent George Just & his brother John Just, builders, & said James Patrick (Oct 1853)22 Jul 1857119, 196
1857.00992St Fort to David JustDavid Just seised lot of 64 pol grnd & ho t/on, no. 30 of Woodmoor Park on feu ch by Henry Stewart, St Fort, consent George Just & David Just16 Jul 1857248, 196sasine extract
1854.02553St Fort to John Just & Barbara Clark / JustJohn Just builder & his spouse Barbara Clark seised in fee & liferent 50.5 poles grnd & ho etc t/on no. 16 on plan of Woodmoor on feu ch by Henry Stewart, St Fort, consent George Just & said John Just7 Apr 1854219, 196
1853.02202agreement with George Just about waterHenry Stewart, St Fort & George Just, builder, Newport enter into agreement relative to the water in that park of 12 acres of land pt of estate of St Fort known by the name of Woodmoor Park adjoining the village of Newport1 Oct 1853196
1839.04355Archibald Campbell Stewart to Henry StewartHenry Stewart, St Fort, as heir to Archibald Campbell Stewart, his brother, seised park or field called Woodmuir Park part of Inverdovat; & that possession of lands of Inverdovat & houses & yards sometime possessed by Elizabeth Paterson consisting of about 2 acres, with salmon fishing lying to West of Newport Pier - on ch conf & pr cl con by William Berry, Tayfield, 2 May 183920 Jun 1839196, 197, 198

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Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded


Names in Sasines:

1862.01105Begg, Ralph Morton
1862.01429Berry, Tayfield
1839.04355Berry, Tayfield
1854.02553Clark, Barbara
1854.02553Just, Barbara
1857.00992Just, David
1866.00838Just, George
1864.03015Just, George
1864.02998Just, George
1862.01130Just, George
1861.00203Just, George
1858.01444Just, George
1858.01407Just, George
1857.01007Just, George
1857.00992Just, George
1853.02202Just, George
1857.01007Just, John
1854.02553Just, John
1858.01444Murdoch, David
1839.04355Paterson, Elizabeth
1857.01007Patrick, James
1857.01007Patrick, Keturah
1882.01841Robertson, Alexander
1862.01130Scott, George Johnston
1862.01130Scott, John
1882.01841Scroggie, David
1866.00838Scrymgeour, William
1857.01007Shepherd, Keturah
1861.00203Stewart, John Anderson
1882.01841Stewart, St Fort
1866.00838Stewart, St Fort
1864.02998Stewart, St Fort
1862.01429Stewart, St Fort
1862.01130Stewart, St Fort
1862.01105Stewart, St Fort
1861.00203Stewart, St Fort
1858.01444Stewart, St Fort
1858.01407Stewart, St Fort
1857.01007Stewart, St Fort
1857.00992Stewart, St Fort
1854.02553Stewart, St Fort
1853.02202Stewart, St Fort
1839.04355Stewart, St Fort
1864.03015Whittet, Ann
1864.02998Whittet, Ann
1864.03015Whittet, Elizabeth
1864.02998Whittet, Elizabeth
1864.03015Whittet, Helen
1864.02998Whittet, Helen


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