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Plot 494:   Woodmuir  -  25 pol 27.5 yd    (10-11 Beechwood Tce West)

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This plot:

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
494Woodmuir25 pol 27.5 yd(Dow)10-11 Beechwood Tce West


Larger plots from which this one is created :   

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
196Woodmuirwhole parkabout 12 acres + 36 pol triangle


Properties on this whole plot:

10-11 Beechwood Tce West


Properties remaining on this plot outwith any sub-plots:

10 Beechwood Tce West   11 Beechwood Tce West   


Sasine Abridgements (in reverse order):

RefIn BriefAbridgementRegisteredPlot IDs
1893.00217McGeorge loan repaidDisch by Trs dec Charles McGeorge formerly writer Dumfries, thereafter resid Dundee thereafter Br. Ferry disburd bond (20 May 1855) £570 by John Dow, iron merchant Dundee, formerly resid Victoria Cottages thereafter in Woodmuir Park W Newport & his wife Margaret Brodie or Dow over 25 pol 27.5 yd grnd : S Kirk Road : N new street, pt of Woodmuir Park17 Feb 1893494
1885.05905loan by Tr Charles McGeorgeBond £570 by John Dow iron merchant Dundee residing Victoria Cottages, West Newport & disp security by his wife Margaret Brodie / Dow & him to Tr deceased Charles McGeorge, formerly writer Dumfries, residing thereafter in Dundee ... of pce grnd 25 pol 27.5 yd, : S by Kirk Road, : N by proposed street 22' wide, pt of Woodmuir Park20 May 1885494
1885.05816St Fort to Margaret Brodie / DowFeu ch by Tr late Jane Fraser / Stewart, consent Alexander Robertson plasterer Newport & John Dow, iron merchant, Dundee to Margaret Brodie / Dow residing West Newport, spouse of said John Dow, of pce grnd 25 pol 27.5 yd, : S by Kirk Road, : N by proposed street 22' wide, pt of Woodmuir Park16 May 1885196, 494

Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   dec - deceased;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded;   rd - road;   ' - feet;   " - inches;

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Names in Sasines:

1893.00217Brodie, Margaret
1885.05905Brodie, Margaret
1885.05816Brodie, Margaret
1893.00217Dow, John
1885.05905Dow, John
1885.05816Dow, John
1893.00217Dow, Margaret
1885.05905Dow, Margaret
1885.05816Dow, Margaret
1893.00217McGeorge, Charles
1885.05905McGeorge, Charles
1885.05816Robertson, Alexander
1885.05816Stewart, St Fort


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