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Plot 161:   Wellgate  -  whole park

AreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesPropertiesPlot ID
Wellgatewhole parkwhole park161
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Sub-plots created from this plot :   

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
54Wellgate38 poles 21 ydsE of 24' street; S of 20' streetright to use well in adjoining ground2 Wellpark Tce
87Wellgatesquare piece of ground & housebounded N by King's highway; W by Kirk RoadCastle
105Wellgate29 poles 15 ydsS of 20' street4 Wellpark Tce
108Wellgatelot 436 polesS side of turnpike to WoodhavenPark House
115Wellgate27 poles 29 ydsS of 20' street6 Wellpark Tce
121Wellgate28 polesS of 20' streetand buildings8 Wellpark Tce
131Wellgate27 poles 4 ydsS of 20' streetright to well in adjoining subjects10 Wellpark Tce


Sasine Abridgements (in reverse order):

RefIn BriefAbridgementRegisteredPlot IDs
1876.00031Trs Rev Thomas Just to John ForbesFeu con & disp by Trs deceased Rev Thomas Just consent of & by Alexander Robertson plasterer Newport to John Forbes fish merchant Union Street, Dundee of 38 pol 21 yds : W by 24' road, : N by 20' road, pt of Wellgate Park, right to use the well in the adjoining ground14 Jan 187654, 161
1875.04519Trs Rev Thomas Just to George Batchelor & Elizabeth Robson / BatchelorFeu con & disp by Trs dec Rev Thomas Just, concent Alexander Robertson plasterer, to George Batchelor upholsterer Dundee residing Newport and spouse Elizabeth Robson of 27 pol 20 yds & bldgs t/on, : N by 20' street, pt of Wellgate Park21 May 1875115, 161
1875.04501Trs Rev Thomas Just to Joseph Garland, Betsy Glass / Garland & childrenFeu con & disp by Trs deceased Rev Thomas Just consent of and by Alexander Robertson plasterer Newport to Joseph Garland late shipbuilder & shipowner Newburgh now residing Newport & Betsy Glass / Garland and children Thomas, Joseph, Christina Stewart, Agnes McLaren, Elizabeth & Ann Stoddart McLaren Garland equally of 29 pol 15 yd : N by 20' street pt of Wellgate Park19 May 1875105, 161
1875.04053Trs Rev Thomas Just to John Thomas KinnearFeu con & disp by Trs deceased Rev Thomas Just, consent of Alexander Robertson & JohnRobertson Young solicitor Dundee to John Thomas Kinnear clothier Dundee of 27 pol 4 yds grnd, : N by 20' street, pt of Wellgate Park, & right to a well in the adjoining subjects28 Jan 1875131, 161
1875.04051Trs Rev Thomas Just to John Robertson YoungFeu con & disp by Trs deceased Rev Thomas Just, consent of Alexander Robertson plasterer Newport, to John Robertson Young solicitor Dundee of 28 pol & bldgs t/on, : N by 20' street, pt of Wellgate Park27 Jan 1875121, 161
1863.02133William Just to surviving trustees - George Just, David Just, Ann Just1863161, 162sasine extract
1860.03620Rev Thomas Just to James MillarJames Millar regist to himself feu con between himself and Rev Thomas Just of 36 poles no. 4 of Wellgate Park14 Nov 1860108, 161
1852.01475loan by James GuthrieJames Guthrie gets bond & disp £400 by Rev Thomas Just over pce land called the Wellgate Park & houses t/on; & pce grnd pt of croft of Broadhaugh & bldgs t/on (under excep.)11 Nov 1852161, 195
1847.00975Trs William Just to Thomas Just to Rev Thomas JustRev Thomas Just, heir to Thomas Just, feuar, Justfield, his father, seised pce of land called Wellgate Park & houses t/on (under exc) on Pr Cl Con by Trs William Just, Newport consent of Ann Robertson, relict of William Just, mason, Justfield12 Oct 1847161
1843.01210William Just to TrsTrs William Just residing Newport seised pce of land called Wellgate Park & houses etc t/on; & croft of land & houses t/on commonly called Broadhaugh, parts of lands of Inverdovat (under exc) & …. (Ferryport on Craig) …. these subjects first mentioned burdened with liferent of Anna Robertson relict of William Just, mason, Justfield - on disp & settl by said William Just15 Sep 1843161, 162
1839.04584William Just sen to Ann Robertson / Just & William Just junAnn Robertson, relict of William Just, mason, Justfield, & William Just, his nephew, seised in liferent & fee Wellgate Park & houses t/on; & croft of Broadhaugh; (& said William Just jun sesied eod die a tenement etc in Ferryport on Craig under burden of liferent of Margaret Kinnear relict of George Robertson, weaver in ground of Friarton;) …. on disp & settl & assig by William Just sen, 22 Apr 1839, (& on disp by William Robertson, mason, to William Just sen, 18 Apr 1838)22 Oct 1839161, 162
1824.02108Thomas Just to Thomas Just junThomas Just residing near Woodhaven seised pce of land called the Wellgate Park & ho t/on pt of Inverdovat (under exc) - under burden of liferent annuity of £4 to Christian Just, & the sum of £5 to Ann Just spouse of Andrew Beard, his sisters - on disp by Thomas Just, feuar at Justfield, his father, 1 Feb 18172 Dec 1824161sasine extract
1821.00395Tayfield to William JustWilliam Just, mason, Justfield, seised land called Wellgate Park & houses t/on, & croft of land & houses t/on called Breadheugh on ch resig by William Berry, Tayfield, 3 Aug 182125 Sep 1821161, 162sasine extract
1786.01529John Lyon to Thomas JustThomas Just of Justfield seised 30 Nov 1786 in Wellgate Park & Breadhaugh being parts of Innerdivot, parish of St Phillans on disp by John Lyon of Kinnaird, 1 Apr 1786. Pr. 36.15619 Dec 1786161, 162sasine extract

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Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded


Names in Sasines:

1875.04519Batchelor, Elizabeth
1875.04519Batchelor, George
1824.02108Beard, Ann
1824.02108Beard, Arthur
1863.02133Berry, Tayfield
1821.00395Berry, Tayfield
1876.00031Forbes, John
1875.04501Garland, Agnes McLaren
1875.04501Garland, Ann S M
1875.04501Garland, Betsy
1875.04501Garland, Christina Stewart
1875.04501Garland, Elizabeth
1875.04501Garland, Joseph
1875.04501Garland, Thomas
1875.04501Glass, Betsy
1852.01475Guthrie, James
1847.00975Just, Ann
1843.01210Just, Ann
1839.04584Just, Ann
1824.02108Just, Ann
1824.02108Just, Christian
1876.00031Just, Rev Thomas
1875.04519Just, Rev Thomas
1875.04501Just, Rev Thomas
1875.04053Just, Rev Thomas
1875.04051Just, Rev Thomas
1860.03620Just, Rev Thomas
1852.01475Just, Rev Thomas
1847.00975Just, Rev Thomas
1847.00975Just, Thomas
1824.02108Just, Thomas
1786.01529Just, Thomas
1824.02108Just, Thomas senior
1847.00975Just, William
1843.01210Just, William
1839.04584Just, William
1821.00395Just, William
1863.02133Just, William jnr
1839.04584Just, William sen
1875.04053Kinnear, John Thomas
1839.04584Kinnear, Margaret
1786.01529Lyon, Johnn
1860.03620Millar, James
1876.00031Robertson, Alexander
1875.04519Robertson, Alexander
1875.04501Robertson, Alexander
1875.04053Robertson, Alexander
1875.04051Robertson, Alexander
1847.00975Robertson, Ann
1843.01210Robertson, Ann
1839.04584Robertson, Ann
1839.04584Robertson, George
1839.04584Robertson, Margaret
1839.04584Robertson, William
1875.04519Robson, Elizabeth
1875.04053Young, John Robertson
1875.04051Young, John Robertson


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