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Plot 297:   East Newport  -  miscellaneous plot locations

AreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesPropertiesPlot ID
East Newportmiscellaneous plot locationsMap for locations only - not an actual sasine plot.297
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This map is an indication of the plot location and size only, and should be used with caution.

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Sub-plots created from this plot :   

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
188Newport30 yds on High Road of Newport + granaryOld Granary
218Newport34' frontage to turnpikeon N side of turnpike from Newport Toll to Newport Pier; includes existing (in 1853) Lock Up housesite of 13/15 High Street
237Newport30.25 sq ydsite of drinking fountainFountain, Tay St
240Newportnear Old Pier & Harbour(Gas Co)Gas Works, Granary Lane
275Seacraig fieldwhole fieldKing St, James St, Queen St
280Newporttoll houseNewport Toll House; later: 11-19 Cupar Road
295Norwood28 pol21 / 22 Norwood
296Norwood22 pol 11 yd26 Norwood
301Newportbuildings on High Street(Gas Co, D I Young)gas office; (later 9-11 High Street)
303Newporton N side of turnpike Newport - Cupar, near the Inn of Newport(A Young)3-7 High Street
307Newport21.3 polon W and S sides of turnpike to Cupar(Wilson)50-54 High St, 2-6 Cupar Rd
313Newport174 pol 29 ydpt of Northfield(Paul)113-115 Tay St
323Newportlot 7 NW27.5 polon SE side of Bell Street(Gardyne)3 Myrtle Tce
324Newportlot 8 NE37 polon SE side of Bell Street(Matthewson)2 Myrtle Tce
330Newportlot 7 NE34 pol 325 yd(Low)4 Myrtle Tce
331Newportlot 8 SW31 pol 20 yd(Robertson)1 Myrtle Tce
334Newportfield at East Station115 pol 21 yd (0.770 acres)Struan Street, Kilgask Street, 5-11 Station Brae


Sasine Abridgements (in reverse order):

RefIn BriefAbridgementRegisteredPlot IDs
1920.00000Tayfield to Newport Town Council[Tayfield to Newport Town Council - field at East Newport Station, 0.770 acres, 115 pol 21 yd, £265]1920334
1882.02586Berry, Tayfield to Parochial Board of Parish of ForganFeu ch by Berry, Tayfield to Parochial Board of Parish of Forgan of (as a site for a public drinking fountain) an octagonally-shaped pce grnd (30.25 sq yd) on the Sea Braes of Tayfield to N of and immediately adjoining the high road between Newport and Tayport at the part known as Tay Street6 Dec 1882237
1879.04469County Road Trustees to Robert Boyd & Jane Boyd / MitchellDisp by County Road Trustees of Fife to Robert Boyd & spouse Jane Mitchell, fee & liferent, of pce grnd & ho t/on formerly used and known as Newport Tollhouse : W by highway Newport - Cupar23 May 1879280
1867.01649Tayfield to William WilsonWilliam Wilson, grocer Union St, Dundee regist feu ch to himself by Berry, Tayfield of lot of 21.3 poles grnd at Newport on W and S sides of t/p from Cupar to Newport Ferry Pier25 Jan 1867307
1865.00131Tayfield to James BrownJames Brown builder regist feu disp to himself by Berry, Tayfield of 45 pol 25 yd grnd, no. 3 on plan, on S side of King Street, the NE lot of a field of Seacraig7 Mar 1865273, 275
1865.00073Tayfield to Trs Newport Gas Light CoTrs Newport Gas Light Co regist feu disp to themselves by Berry, Tayfield of pce grnd near the Old Pier & harbour of Newport1 Feb 1865301
1863.01781Tayfield to Archibald PaulArchibald Paul writer Dundee registers feu ch to himself by John Berry Tayfield of 174 pol 29 yd grnd, portion of estate of Northfield on N side of t/p Newport - Ferryport14 Apr 1863313
1863.01625Tayfield to Andrew YoungAndrew Young registers feu ch to himself by John Berry, Tayfield of a building stance, pt of an irregular piece of grnd in Newport on N side of t/p Newport - Cupar7 Feb 1863303
1856.00175Tayfield to Newport Gas Light CoNewport Gas Light Co seised pce grnd near the Old Pier & Harbour of Newport on feu ch by John Berry, Tayfield17 Apr 1856240
1853.02332Tayfield to George JustGeorge Just seised pce grnd & bldgs t/on on N side of t/p road Newport Toll to Newport Pier on feu ch by John Berry, Tayfield2 Dec 1853218sasine extract
1802.06288John Hay to John Stein senJohn Stein sen of Kennetpans seised 21 Sep 1802 a pce grnd at Newport on feu ch by John Hay of Newport, consent of Sophia Kircaldie, his mother. PR.53.4994 Nov 1802188sasine extract

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Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded


Names in Sasines:

1920.00000Berry, Tayfield
1882.02586Berry, Tayfield
1867.01649Berry, Tayfield
1865.00131Berry, Tayfield
1865.00073Berry, Tayfield
1863.01781Berry, Tayfield
1863.01625Berry, Tayfield
1856.00175Berry, Tayfield
1853.02332Berry, Tayfield
1879.04469Boyd, Jane
1879.04469Boyd, Robert
1865.00131Brown, James
1879.04469County Road Trustees
1882.02586Forgan Parochial Board
1802.06288Hay, John
1853.02332Just, George
1802.06288Kirkcaldie, Sophia
1879.04469Mitchell, Jane
1865.00073Newport Gas Light Co
1856.00175Newport Gas Light Co
1920.00000Newport Town Council
1863.01781Paul, Archibald
1802.06288Stein, John
1867.01649Wilson, William
1863.01625Young, Andrew


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