The Newport, Wormit & Forgan Archive

Answers made by schoolmasters in Scotland to queries circulated, in 1838, by order of the Select Committee on Education in Scotland

Forgan or St. Phillan's Parish.

General Queries

When was the school established?


Is there any private endowment?


What has been the average number of scholars - in 1836? in 1837?

1836: males 58, females 36, total 94
1837: males 63, females 40, total 103

Are there any boarders and how many?


What number of rooms in the teacher's house?


Do children attend the school without reference to the religious persuasion of their parents?


Between what periods of age do children usually attend the school?

5 and 13

What is the average period of the continuance of their attendance?

5 years

Is a Sunday School or class taught?

Yes, average attendance 50

Is a playground attached to the school?

Yes (about 5 and a half falls in size)

System of Administration

Is the school periodically inspected and by whom?

Yes, by a committee of Presbytery

Are the scholars periodically examined and by whom?

Yes, by a committee of Presbytery

What number of teachers?


What is the qualification required by the teacher?

English, reading, grammar, arithmetic, writing, geography, mathematics, Latin, Greek and French.

Where was the present teacher educated?

Cupar, Fife Academy and St. Andrews University.

When was he appointed?

April 10th, 1835

Has he any other occupation or employment?


What is his salary?

34 pounds 4 shillings and 4 pence ha'penny

What are the rates of school fees?

2/-; 2/6; 3/- and 5/- per quarter

Is there any annual report on the state of the school made or published?

Records of St. Andrews Presbytery

System of instruction

What is the general system of instruction pursued?


What books are used?

English: Campbells (of Dundee) Seminaries 1st, 2nd,3rd and 4th books; McCulloch's Collection and Lennie's Grammar.
Latin: Edinburgh Academy Rudiments, Cornelius Nepos, Caesar and Sallust.
Modern Languages: Surenne's Pronouncing, Grammatical and Reading instructors, Telemachus.
Mathematics: Davidson's Practical Mathematics, Geometry,
Chambers Educational Course, Duncan's Supplement to Euclid and Wood's Algebra.
Arithmetic: Gray's and Davidson's
Geography: Oliver & Boyd's Catechism of Geography and White's Geography.
History: Chambers' Educational Course, History of the British Empire, oral instruction on Natural History & Biography
Religious: Bible
Catechisms: Assembly's Shorter Catechism.

Is singing taught?

Occasionally by itinerant teachers.

Is drawing taught?


What are the hours of attendance in school?

9 to 4 in winter; 9 to 5 in summer.

What are the periods and duration of the vacation?

September and October - 6 weeks.

What is the system of instruction pursued?

Sessional School, Edinburgh.

Are the scholars taught in classes?


Are they taught separately?


Are monitors employed?


Is instruction afforded in gardening, agriculture or any mechanical occupation?


What rewards are held out?

The dux of each class is marked every day, and a small book is given at the end of every month.

What mode of punishment is adopted?

Emulation renders punishment almost unnecessary.

(signed) Henry Smith, Schoolmaster.

Source: Education Returns, Scotland. Abstract of answers made by schoolmasters in Scotland to queries circulated, in 1838, by order of the Select Committee on Education in Scotland. British Sessional Papers: House of Commons 1841, vol. XIX

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