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Some Old Trophies


Newport Quoiting Club

Quoiting Club

The quoiting ground and pavilion were between the Cupar Road and the railway line, where the present-day nature trail crosses the Cupar Road.


The Quoiting Club Inkwell

Presented to the Newport Quoiting Club by William Berry, Vice-President 1897
Engraved 'In hoc signo vinces', 'L'esperance me comforte', with a shield.

1897William Walker
1898James Fulton
1899Joseph Keay
1900James Dingwall
1901Joseph Keay
1902James Fulton
1903James Fulton
1904P. Lakie
1905P. Lakie
1906Joseph Keay
1907A. Carmichael
1908J. J. Don
1909George Gibson
1910J. J. Don
1911George Motion
1912William Anderson
1913George Motion
1919James Brunton
1923John Drummond
1924Henry Young
1925James Brunton
1926A. Doctor
1927C. Anderson
1928A. Doctor
1929T. Meldrum
1930A. Doctor
1931A. Doctor
1932J. Brunton
1933J. Begg
1934J. Walton
1935A. Cunningham
1936G. Grant
1937J. Gordon
1938G. Henderson



Newport Swimming Club

The swimming club operated in the River, beside the 'Big Rock' at the foot of Robert Street.


Newport Swimming Club Ladies Trophy

Presented by Stewart F. Ramsay, 1928

1928Agnes A. Milne



Rowing Clubs on the river


Wormit Boating Club had their Clubhouse just to the east of the railway bridge, in Bay Road.


The Tay Inter-Club Relay Race Trophy

This trophy is not a Wormit Boating Club trophy, but was for a relay competition between the rowing clubs on the river: Wormit Boating Club, Dundee Corinthian Boating Club (premises at Craig Pier, Dundee - where the 'Discovery' is now berthed) and Broughty Ferry Boating Club (premises at the Grassy Beach, West Ferry). The Newport Boating Club (boatsheds on the Braes by the 'Big Rock' at the foot of Robert Street) closed about 1930.

1923Wormit Boating Club
1924Broughty Ferry Boating Club
1925Broughty Ferry Boating Club
1926Wormit Boating Club
1927Broughty Ferry Boating Club
1928Broughty Ferry Boating Club
1930Broughty Ferry Boating Club
1931Broughty Ferry Boating Club
1932Wormit Boating Club
1933Broughty Ferry Boating Club
1934Broughty Ferry Boating Club
1935Broughty Ferry Boating Club
1936Wormit Boating Club
1937Wormit Boating Club
1938Broughty Ferry Boating Club
1939Broughty Ferry Boating Club
1948Wormit Boating Club
1949Wormit Boating Club
1950Dundee Corinthian Boating Club
1951Dundee Corinthian Boating Club
1952Broughty Ferry Boating Club
1953Wormit Boating Club
1954Wormit Boating Club
1955Wormit Boating Club
1956Dundee Corinthian Boating Club
1961Wormit Boating Club
1963Wormit Boating Club
1965Wormit Boating Club



The 2nd Fifeshire Artillery Volunteers, Newport

The Artillery Volunteers had their parade ground to the east of Taygrove, in the area now under the first spans of the Road Bridge.
For more information about the Volunteers see the Fife Military Project.


The Artillery Cup

Presented to the 2nd Fifeshire Artillery Volunteers, Newport, by Capt. J. F. Millar, 10 January 1869.

Sgt. Petrie19 June 1869
Gunner Archibald Bell23 July 1870
Gunner Richardson20 May 1871
Sgt. R. H. Boyd10 August 1872
Gunner George B. Smith14 June 1873
Bombardier Andrew Richardson26 September 1874
Gunner D. G. Just28 August 1875
Sgt. James Chapman19 August 1876
Gunner Thomas McLean4 August 1877
Corp. David Lawson1878
Corp. R. B. McIntosh1879
Gunner David Millar25 September 1880
Sgt. R. B. McIntosh10 September 1881
Sgt. Major Foggie9 September 1882
Capt. Cappon15 September 1883
Sgt. D. Millar13 September 1884
Sgt. D. Millar5 September 1885
Sgt. T. M. Cappon28 August 1886
Sgt. D. Millar20 August 1887



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