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1899-00 MacDonald dir      There are 85 records.

Anderson, A, M., Pierhead; watchmaker : MiscellaneousLocation
Anderson, Peter, Pierhead : BakersLocation
Betsworth & Barlow, Gas Works lane; sanitary plumbers. Gas and hot water Pipe : Plumbers And Gas-FittersLocation
Buist, Wm., Woodhaven : JoinersLocation
Clark, Mrs R., Gauldry : Grocers[not in Forgan parish]
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. : BanksLocation
Cook, David, Woodside : Spirit Dealers
Doig, W., & Son, 1 High st. : ChemistsLocation
Don, J., Tayfield : BlacksmithsLocation
Dow, Thomas M., & Son, William street : Painters And Paper-HangersLocation
Edington, A. E. & Co., 5 Robert st. : Confectioners
Edington, Miss, 5 Robert st. : Dairy Keepers
Edington, Miss, 5 Robert st. : Grocers
Fay, Mrs, Long Craig, Wormit : ConfectionersLocation
Fenton, J. R., Pierhead : DressmakersLocation
Fenton, W., Pierhead : Painters And Paper-HangersLocation Location (2)
Ferguson, J., high st : FruiterersLocation
Fernie, James, Pierhead : ChemistsLocation
Ferrier, W., Robert st : Plasterers And SlatersLocation
Fleming, F., Harris buildings, West Newport : BootmakersLocation
Foggie, W., Pierhead : JoinersLocation
Fowlis, Geo., Gauldry : Bootmakers[not in Forgan parish]
Graham, John, Balmerino : Bootmakers[not in Forgan parish]
Guthrie, John, 3 Union street : GrocersLocation
Haggart, Thomas, King street : Tailors And ClothiersLocation Location (2)
Hay, Wm., Wormit dairy : Dairy Keepers
Horsburgh, J., Railway station : Coal Dealers
Husband, Andrew, Gauldry; post office : Grocers[not in Forgan parish]
Jack, James S., R.P.C., Union street; sanitary plumber and hot water engineer : Plumbers And GasfittersLocation
Johnston, George, 6 Union st.; house, High street : JoinersLocation Location (2)
Johnston, William, Gauldry; and Posting : Spirit Dealers[not in Forgan parish]
Kay, J., jun., James sq. : GrocersLocation
Kirk & Coutts, 11 High street; tinplate workers and gasfitters : IronmongersLocation
Kirkcaldy, Robert, Gauldry : Grocers[not in Forgan parish]
Learmouth, J., & Son, 12 High street : BootmakersLocation
Lumsden, Peter, Balmerino : Spirit Dealers[not in Forgan parish]
M'Kellar, D. C., Gas Works lane : Painters And Paper-HangersLocation
Mackay, J. H., & Son, Pierhead : Painters And Paper-HangersLocation
Mackie, David, Tayfield Estate office : BuildersLocation
Malcolm & Morrison, Wormit : GrocersLocation
Malcolm, A., High st. : GrocersLocation
Mathewson, R., Gas works lane; and Joiner : BuildersLocation
Mathewson, Robert, Gas Works lane : JoinersLocation
Matthewson, Robt, 12 Robert st. : Fruiterers
Milne, Mrs, West Newport : GrocersLocation
Morrison, M., jun., 2 High st. : ButchersLocation
Muir, Thomas, Son, & Patton, Wormit; colliery agents, coal merchants, and carting contractors; head office, Yeaman shore, Dundee : Coal DealersLocation Location (2)
Murdoch, David, Gauldry : Blacksmiths[not in Forgan parish]
Murray, George, 5 High street : ButchersLocation
Murray, M., King st : DressmakersLocation

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