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House Names and Old Addresses

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(any dates are approximate and are usually the latest occurence of the address)

House NameOld AddressDatesCurrent address
9 High Level Naughton RoadLocation
9 Railway Cottages 1911 Naughton RoadLocation
9 Telephone Row Naughton RoadLocation
9 Alma Terrace1917 onwards13 Castle BraeLocation
9 High Street190034 High StreetLocation
9 High Street191236 High StreetLocation
9 Hill Terrace1901-191218 Hillpark TerraceLocation
9 Hillpark Terrace1905 onwards18 Hillpark TerraceLocation
9 Kilnburn196123 KilnburnLocation
9 Kilnburn Placeup to 1920s23 KilnburnLocation
9 Linden Avenue196118 Linden AvenueLocation
9 Norwood196117 NorwoodLocation
9 Norwood196118 NorwoodLocation
9 Prospect Terrace196120 Prospect TerraceLocation
9 Robertson Place17 Cupar RoadLocation
9 Robertson's Place17 Cupar RoadLocation
9 St Fillans Square186123 Cupar RoadLocation
9 Tay Terrace193618 Tay TerraceLocation
9 Tayview Terrace196124 Tayview TerraceLocation
9 Union Street196117 Union StreetLocation
9 Wellpark Terrace19619 Wellpark TerraceLocation
9 Wellpark Terrace196111 Wellpark TerraceLocation
9 Westfield Terrace191125 Westfield TerraceLocation
9 Woodriffe Terrace10 Kerr StreetLocation

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