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Location : Hay's Mill (Old Places)

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Located on the Motray Water with a long mill lade. On St Fort land. Subject to legal dispute with Cruivie Estate in the 1790s after the mill lade (which ran through Cruivie ground) was compromised in 1792 and the water supply to the mill was much reduced. The water was completely cut off in late 1796. The legal case dragged on for years. [Petition of Robert Stewart 1798, Eighteenth Century Collections Online, National Library of Scotland]


Location and Old Maps

Latitude, longitude:      56.403894,-2.935074

View location on the 1855 6-inch map, the 1895 25-inch map, the 1914 25-inch map, the 1966 25-inch map, or a 1944-50 aerial photograph at the National Library of Scotland website.


Other Names / Spellings

Hay's Mill
Hays Mill
Hays Milne



Early taxation records (either at this exact location or an earlier one)

DateTaxpayerTaxable itemsDuty paidTaxSource refNote
18 Nov 1798John Greig, Hays MillDuties on houses2s. 6d.Consolidated schedulesE326/15/11/18
18 Nov 1798John Greig, Hays MillDuty on 1 horse (for riding or drawing 2- or 4-wheel carriages)£1 4s.Consolidated schedulesE326/15/11/18
18 Nov 1798John Greig, Hays MillDuty on 4 horses used in husbandry or trade, or mules£1 4s.Consolidated schedulesE326/15/11/18
18 Nov 1798John Greig, Hays MillTotal£2 10s. 6d.Consolidated schedulesE326/15/11/18
2 Oct 1797John Greig, Hays Mill4 horses, 4 liable for duty9s. 0d. + 1s. 9.6d.Farm Horse TaxE326/10/9/31
8 Oct 1797John Greig Hays Miln1 horse10s. + 1s. + 10s.Horse TaxE326/9/29/123
2 Oct 1797John Greig, Hays miln4 horses, 4 liable for duty at 2 shillings each8s. 0d.Farm Horse TaxE326/10/2/303
4 Aug 1794John Greig Haysmill1 horse10s. + 1s.Horse TaxE326/9/26/123



1794 taxation records 1794 - 1798 Taxation records
1723 in Forgan Baptisms 1723 - 1794 OPR Baptisms, Forgan parish
1654 shown on Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, East Part of Fife National Library of Scotland maps


Early Sasines:



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