The Newport, Wormit & Forgan Archive

Location : Ford Cotton (Forefield) (Old Places)

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= Property demolished or site redeveloped

Notes:      demolished



Sometimes called Ford Cotton, sometimes Forefield.

On both sides of the road, just north of the site of Forgan School, and the field across the road.


Location and Old Maps

Latitude, longitude:      56.4308,-2.9362

View location on the 1855 6-inch map, the 1895 25-inch map, the 1914 25-inch map, the 1966 25-inch map, or a 1944-50 aerial photograph at the National Library of Scotland website.

Nearby properties (demolished in red):   Forgan Schoolhouse  Forgan School 


Other Names / Spellings

Ford Cotton
Ford Cottown




1828 Forefield : shown on map National Library of Scotland Sharp, Greenwood & Fowler, Fife & Kinross
1827 Ford Cotton : shown on map: John Thomson's Atlas of Scotland, East Part of Fife National Library of Scotland maps
1811 Forefield Inverdovit : in Forgan Baptisms 1811 OPR Baptisms, Forgan parish
1801 Ford Cottown : shown on map: Ainslie, The Counties of Fife & Kinross National Library of Scotland maps


Early Sasines:



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