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Location : Watery Butts (Old Places)

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Other Names / Spellings

Watery Butts



Early taxation records (either at this exact location or an earlier one)

DateTaxpayerTaxable itemsDuty paidTaxSource refNote
18 Nov 1798John Kydd, Watry-ButtsDuties on houses2s. 6d.Consolidated schedulesE326/15/11/18
18 Nov 1798John Kydd, Watry-ButtsDuty on 2 horses used in husbandry or trade, or mules12s.Consolidated schedulesE326/15/11/18
18 Nov 1798John Kydd, Watry-ButtsTotal14s. 6d.Consolidated schedulesE326/15/11/18
2 Oct 1797John Kyd, Wateriebutts2 horses, 2 liable for duty4s. 6d. + 10.8d.Farm Horse TaxE326/10/9/31
2 Oct 1797John Kyd, Watrie buts2 horses, 2 liable for duty at 2 shillings each4s. 0d.Farm Horse TaxE326/10/2/303



1797 taxation records 1797 - 1798 Taxation records


Early Sasines:



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