The Newport, Wormit & Forgan Archive

Location : Wormit Football Club pavilion,  Riverside Road

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Location and Old Maps

Latitude, longitude:      56.43051,-2.965515

View location on the 1855 6-inch map, the 1895 25-inch map, the 1966 25-inch map, or a 1944-50 aerial photograph at the National Library of Scotland website.

Nearby properties :   1 Mars Gardens   2 Mars Gardens   85 Riverside Road   87 Riverside Road   playing field, Riverside Road   89 Riverside Road   Wormit Football Club pavilion, Riverside Road   91 Riverside Road   93 Riverside Road   95 Riverside Road   Woodhaven Toll House, Riverside Road  


Old Addresses (any dates are approximate and are usually the latest occurence of the address)

Newburgh Road Woodhaven



House Names (any dates are approximate and are usually the latest occurence of the name)

Wormit Football Club pavilion



Directory entries (before 1970)

None available yet


Census records

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Valuation Roll entries      There are 3 entries

1967-681431Pavilion Wormit Amateur FC per Ronald J Millar, 72 Riverside Road proprietor 30View details
1964-651431Pavilion Wormit Amateur FC per Ian J Ramsay, 24 Woodhaven Avenue proprietor 15View details
1961-624315Pavilion Wormit Amateur FC per Mrs Margaret Elder, 26 Woodhaven Avenue proprietor 15View details



Sasines pre-1900:



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