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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1897-98       (November 1897 - November 1898)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-1A

Burgh of Newport Commissioners' Meetings
John Scrimgeour, clerk, & Town Clerk of Newport; Frederick George Kemp, Burgh Treasurer; Thomas Cappon, Surveyor.
Election for 3 commissioners: David Brand, bank agent, Bay House, Tay Street - 258 votes; James McEwan Kay, Woodmuir Park - 100 votes; James Lawson, retired draper, 20 Kilnburn Place - 176 votes; George Rollo, retired shipmaster, Woodbine Terrace - 173 votes; John Welch, bank agent, Westfield, West Newport - 200 votes. Elected: Brand, Welch, Lawson.
Commissioners: Thomas Winton, elected 1895, First Bailie (already a bailie); Alexander Robertson, elected 1895; James Young, elected 1896; Thomas Roger, elected 1896, Second Bailie; Henry Arklay Pattullo, elected 1896; Andrew Leitch, elected 1894, Provost; James Lawson, elected 1897; John Welch, elected 1897; David Brand, elected 1897.
Slaughterhouses: 1380 cattle etc. slaughtered annually by Newport butchers. ? site for public slaughter house?
Castle Road - James Hynd, Ellen Mount - alteration of levels adversely affecting entry to his property.
National Telephone Co. - underground cables, etc.
Burgh manure - to Inverdovat Farm - £10 per year.
Ash pits - garden refuse will NOT be lifted by Commissioners' men.
Salvation Army - hall at West Newport - for religious purposes only - appeal against assessment - granted.
Proposed joint hospital.
Paving of streets.
Nuisance at premises and cellar of Andrew Kilgour, near house of Mr David Pearson, Hazel Cottage.
Plans: John Leng - villa at Craighead; James Morton, Darvel Lodge - stable & coach house; David Mitchell - alterations at Shepherds Road.
March 1898. Hazel Cottage - 'no nuisance likely to endanger health' (Medical Officer & Sanitary Inspector).
Bloomfield - David Brown - addition to house.
Castle Road / Westfield Terrace - formation of road & terrace: costs to be borne by proprietors on west side of Castle Road and both sides of Westfield Terrace.
Castle Road / Westfield Terrace charges: Berry - Castle Rd £73-8-8, Westfield 41-4-9, total 114-13-5; John Welch - Castle Rd 33-0-9, Westfield 14-11-0, total 47-11-9; John M Easson - Westfield 12-12-8; Robert Chalmers - Westfield 41-5-5; Jason Worrall - Westfield 18-9-0; Andrew Leitch - Westfield 21-7-7. Contributions to be asked from: NB Railway 25-0-0; Misses Just (per Mr Brand) 10-10-0; James Hynd 10-10-0; Subscriptions of £5 each from Provost Leitch, Bailie Winton, John M Easson, R Chalmers. Also hoped to get a contribution of £10-10-0 from the proprietor of the Yellow Castle (Mr J S Gibson, architect, London).
Lyndhurst - James Husband - addition to villa.
Ferries - cheap Sunday fares - strong Newport feeling against this - a large influx of visitors. Cheap fares not introduced.
7 May 1898. Manure traffic at East Station - complaint from residents - nuisance arising from the manure which arrives and is left in open trucks at the station siding.
? opening up of Albert Street?
Kerbing and metalling of streets.
Proposed slaughterhouse - 3 killing houses each with own byre. Needs plentiful water and good drainage. No suitable site on St Fort land. Tayfield suggested at the gasworks (Dr Stewart says not suitable). Berry refused any others within the Burgh - averse to feuing.
Proprietors required to form and kerb footpaths: William Street lower portion east side - David Brand, Bay House; Trustees for Free Church. William Street lower west side - James Durham, Wingate Place; David Duncan, solicitor, Dundee; William Kidd, stationer, Newport; A J Robertson, spirit merchant, Tay Street; Trustees for late Mrs Wilson; Miss Euphemia Barry, William St.
Proprietors required to form and kerb footpaths: William Street upper (Gowriehill) portion east side - James Brown, Kilnburn Place (where footpath is concreted); James Brown, Kilnburn Place (opposite bleaching green); Misses M P & C D Bain, Maryfield Terrace. Upper (Gowriehill) portion west side - Mrs Mary McGregor, Millbank, Hillside; Mrs Brown, Bloomfield; Reps. of Finlay McGillivray; Trustees for Free Church manse; James G Speed, Magask.
Proprietors required to form and kerb footpaths: Kilnburn Place east side: David Webster, 1 Kilnburn Terrace; James Brown, Kilnburn Place; James Beattie, Kilnburn Terrace; Trustees of Miss Guthrie.
Albert Street to be opened up to traffic. Proprietors on 2 sides of the street (not in order): J P Robertson, Alexander Nicoll, James Morton, Robert Brown.
Plans for 2 semi-detached villas (T M Cappon, architect) in Albert Street.
Complaint by David Pearson, Hazel Cottage re Thomas Gray Duncan's house, West Newport.
Proposed slaughter house: Berry prepared to lease a site on south side of Tayport Road a little to the west of the watering trough, just within the Burgh boundary.
Complaint re Thomas Duncan's house - report by Burgh Surveyor: 1. Portions of the west gable & north elevation are unfinished leaving part of the building exposed to the weather and the roof and fixed windows liable to be blown out by heavy winds. 2. No rone along part of west wall and no provision to carry off the rainwater which at present runs down the wall and on to the adjoining property. 3. Roof only covered with wood and felt and is liable to take fire from adjoining flues. 4. No glass in windows of upper floor, thus exposing ground floor to damp, while the whole building is in an unfinished and dilapidated condition. Clerk to enquire who is interested in the property.
Retiring: Bailie Winton, Commissioners Alexander Robertson, James Young.

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