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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1898-99       (November 1898 - November 1899)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, newspaper reports

Election of 3 commissioners: Alexander Robertson 281 votes, James Young 254, Alexander Thomson 252. Unsuccessful: George R Thom 237, Thomas Winton 137.[Dundee Advertiser 2 Nov 1898]
Provost Andrew Leitch; Thomas Roger, senior bailie; James Lawson, junior bailie; commissioners Henry A Pattullo (treasurer), Alexander Robertson, James Young, Alexander Thomson, David Brand, John Welch. [Courier 5 Nov 1898]
Cleansing - reorganisation needed - suggested 1 man per area. [Advertiser 5 Nov 1898]
Objectionable ashpit at Mackie Place. [Advertiser 5 Nov 1898]
Proposed to clear footptath and make up footpath behind the houses on Kirk Road with ashes. [Advertiser 5 Nov 1898]
Considering leaving 12 lamps burning overnight to light the way to the boat & stations on dark mornings. [Advertiser 15 Nov 1898]
Continuation of complaint about Thomas Gray Duncan's property - considered title deeds and decided to leave it alone. [Advertiser 15 Nov 1898]
Numerous cases of whooping cough. [Advertiser 15 Nov 1898]
Agreed to allow the Cyclist's Union to erect a direction and danger board at the top of St Phillans Place. [Advertiser 15 Nov 1898]
Agreed that commissioners would not erect a slaughter house, and the present premises could no longer be used after Whitsunday next. [Advertiser 15 Nov 1898]
An ashpit in West Newport took 5 men and a horse a whole day to empty, the contents weighed 16 tons and had been gathering for 5 years. Suggested a greater use of bins. [Advertiser 15 Nov 1898]
Ex-Provost Scott to be burgh's representative at Fife County Council. [Advertiser 15 Nov 1898]
Death of Mrs Blyth Martin. [Courier 6 Dec 1898]
Manure traffic to be again raised with railway company. [Courier 6 Dec 1898]
New stance for burgh manure required as existing site at Inverdovat would not be continued. [Courier 6 Dec 1898]
Accepted offer of Mr Mackie for coping the wall at the Seabraes. [Courier 6 Dec 1898]
Reconsider lighting for early boat & train passengers - would require considerable outlay with no pressing demand. [Courier 6 Dec 1898]
Preparation of a handbill recommending to householders the adoption of bins rather than ashpits, and burning waste paper and other refuse where possible. [Advertiser 10 Jan 1899]
Action to be taken against people obstructing the footpaths at the Pier and St Phillans Place. [Advertiser 10 Jan 1899]
Find cost of widening Kirk Road from Kincraig west to the top of Yellow Castle Road, with possible contributions from proprietors. [Advertiser 10 Jan 1899]
A street sweeping machine has been bought. [Courier 7 Feb 1899]
Manure at East Station - the farmers had agreed that they would not take delivery of manure in hot weather, the railway company will not allow wagons to remain for any time in the siding. Ask Medical Officer for his opinion. [Courier 7 Feb 1899]
£1236 has been collected in rates, with £222 remaining outstanding. [Courier 7 Feb 1899]
Passed plans to alter frontage of Canisbay Lodge. [Courier 7 Mar 1899]
Agreed to erect new chimney stalk at gasworks, 15 feet higher than at present. [Courier 7 Mar 1899]
Plans for alterations to slaughter house owned by Matthew Morrison - he would need a license, so delay consideration meantime. [Courier 7 Mar 1899]
Joint hospital proposed by St Andrews District of County Council - Commission is in agreement as long as cost is equitable and its situation allows for easy communication by road or rail from Newport. [Courier 7 Mar 1899]
Excessive damage caused to street lamps by boys with catapults. [Courier 7 Mar 1899]
Complaint from Mr Rhind (Woodhaven Farm) about the amount of paper, tins, garden refuse, etc that was in the deposits of the burgh manure made on his ground. Consider charging huseholders a nominal sum for clearing ashpits if they wanted to have full use of them for deposit of such rubbish which is useless for sale as manure. [Courier 7 Mar 1899]
Consider report of Medical Officer on manure at East Station in private. [Courier 7 Mar 1899]
Manure traffic at Newport East Station. Farmers to stop all traffic by 10 April. Refer the matter to the Local Government Board. [Courier 4 Apr 1899]
Widening of Kirk Road - was Mr Berry able to sell the required ground? Lengthy reply from Mr Berry's agents as to what he would and wouldn't do. Matter referred back to sub-committee. [Courier 2 May 1899]
Manure traffic - Local Government Board suggest construction of a more secluded siding between East and West Stations at a point 'leading in to a piece of ground that has been used for many years as a manure depot'. Commissioners to leave the matter meantime. [Courier 2 May 1899]
Carting contract [? for refuse] awarded to Mr J Duncan. Secure ground for a manure depot for the burgh? - Mr Arnot, Friarton, was willing to provide space to accept any quantity carted to his ground, the remainder to be distributed amongst local farmers. Agreed to accept Mr Arnot's offer. [Courier 2 May 1899]
The Provost, Bailie Lawson & Mr Thomson gave £1 each for the placing of seats on the west end recreation ground and on the braes at Woodhaven. [Courier 2 May 1899]
Would Mr Berry give off ground &/or contribute to the expenses in widening the Kirk Road? In reply, the only reason he should contribute is that he owns land to the south of the road which could then be feued for housing. He has no land to the north of the road and the request to subscribe to the costs of the north half of the roadway should be dismissed. If the full width of the road were to be 36 feet it would require about 100 poles of ground - which Mr Berry would be willing to give, making the ground to the south abut the road, however, only about 247 poles would be feuable, the cost of the road estimated at £1400. Increasing the height of the water supply is also needed. If the water supply could be altered by the commissioners to serve a considerable area of his lands then Mr Berry would contribute up to £700; but if the water supply can't be heightened, then he will only provide the 100 poles of land. Commissioners cannot recommend widening to either 18 or 36 feet, so can only repair the road at its present width. [Advertiser 2 May 1899]
Despite a 'cheese-paring policy' of the Gas Company, the Commissioners adhere to their decision that the Gas Works chimney must be made to 75 feet. [Advertiser 2 May 1899]
Burgh manure - is it time for the Commissioners to buy their own horse and cart? Mr Arnot was willing to accept any quantity of manure carted to him, leaving the remainder for the other local farmers. [Advertiser 2 May 1899]
Approved arrangements with Mr Arnot, Friarton who has given ground for a public manure depot. [Advertiser 6 Jun 1899]
Agreed to attend a meeting about a joint hospital for Cupar, St Andrews, Newport & Tayport. [Advertiser 6 Jun 1899]
Plans passed for a laundry to be erected by David Young on ground adjoining King Street. [Advertiser 6 Jun 1899]
Report on current state of roads and pavements. Improvements for Newburgh Road east from burgh boundary & Robert Street. Union Street & King Street could be metalled throughout but this is not urgent. Kilnburn Steps should be improved. [Advertiser 6 Jun 1899]
Kirk Road - Mr Berry still objected to its being lessened in width by a footpath, but he approved the other improvements and would give £10 or £20 towards it. Total costs could be about £250 over 2 years. Agreed to improve from Cupar Road west to Kincraig. [Advertiser 6 Jun 1899]
Proposed new hospital - Newport's share of the costs would be £550. Maybe Newport should build its own hospital if the proposed new one is to be further than St Michaels or Balmullo. [Advertiser 12 Jul 1899]
Lighting - replace wall brackets with pillars? [Advertiser 12 Jul 1899]
Plans passed - 2 double villas at Westfield - Mr Robertson, 2 in Albert Street - Mr T M Cappon. [Advertiser 12 Jul 1899]
Contract for painting burgh lamps given to Mr McKellar. [Advertiser 12 Jul 1899]
Death of ex-Provost [of Dundee] Robertson who had done so much work in regards to Newport's drainage scheme [Advertiser, 12 July 1899]
Receipt of notice that the Tayside Electric and Gas Light Company Ltd intended to apply to the Board of Trade for a Provisional Order [for electricity supply to Newport]. Due to conflicts of interest in this company and in the Newport Gas Light Co, resolved that the 5 members not involved should form a committee to examing the matter, Bailie Roger convener. [Evening Telegraph 12 Jul 1899]
Mr Berry provisionally intends making a new street leading from Kirk Road, on the east side of Mr Salmond's property, down to the railway. [Advertiser 8 Aug 1899]

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