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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1899-00       (November 1899 - November 1900)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-1B

Elected: Robert Thomson Leitch, Hill Crest, West Newport; Thomas Roger, Tay Terrace; George Robertson Thom, Linden Avenue.
Commissioners: James Lawson, elected 1897, First Bailie (already a Bailie); John Welch, elected 1897; David Brand, elected 1897; Alexander Thomson, elected 1898, Provost (elected today); James Young, elected 1898; Alexander Robertson, elected 1898, Second Bailie; George Thom, elected 1899, Robert Leitch, elected 1899; Thomas Roger, elected 1899.
Votes for Provost: Thomas Roger - 2; Alexander Thomson - 4.
Votes for Second Bailie: James Young - 2; Alexander Robertson - 4.
Plans by Alexander Robertson, retired, East Newport: shops & clubrooms on ground adjoining Cupar Road and Tayport Road - delayed - ? height of 2-storey part on the south?- later approved.
Plans by John T Young - entrance to cycle store from Boat Road - approved (temporary structure).
Plans for a new street by Berry - from Kirk Road to West Station - approved.
Representations for a platform on the main line at Wormit (Parish Council & Commissioners jointly).
Letter from Robert Just, West Newport complaining of Commissioners having covered up a well in the bleaching green adjoining Mr Just's property at the Terrace. Burgh Surveyor (on instructions of ex-Provost Leitch) covered over the well. Provost Thomson to see Mr Just.
Water supply to higher parts of burgh is defective.
Gas lighting of the burgh by the Commissioners.
Electric lighting of the burgh - 'at the proper time, commissioners should apply for an order to do this' and to intimate same to secretary of Newport Gas Light Co., and Tayside Electric & Gas Light Co. Ltd. Burgh Gas Supply Act, 1876.
Appeals on assessment: Salvation Army - Hall is used for religious purposes only. Various other persons on grounds of poverty.
Electricity: might be advantageous to all if, from the Burgh's installation, a supply might be given to the Wormit & Woodhaven area for which an order is now asked by the 'Tayside' [sic] company. ? Get the Tayside Co to withdraw their application to consider Newport - Woodhaven - Wormit lighting as a whole? Write to Board of Trade re Commissioners applying for an order and to delay the Tayside application.
Mr Geddes - proprietor of a villa opposite West Station.
Well in Just's bleaching green - satisfaction reported.
February 1900. Death of Thomas Congleton, sometime clerk to the Commissioners. He was the first clerk until he became a Sheriff Clerk.
Electric lighting: meeting with two directors of Tayside Co. - Mr Stewart & Mr Winton - Tayside couldn't withdraw their application. Who was to light the burgh?
Plan by Thomas Muir Son & Patton - office at Station Road.
Mr Macdougald, Wormit, appointed public analyst for the burgh (he is also City Analyst, Dundee).
Committee to consider the lighting of the burgh.
Sand for blinding roads was available from the site of Mr Cappon's new villas at Albert Street free of charge.
Complaint re Mr Walter Stark's bakehouse, Robert Street.
Vacancy on Commissioners: Mr John Welch's non-attendance for 6 months (ill health). He is now better and needs to be re-elected until November next.
Complaint re water spouts at house where Thomas Duncan resides being broken, water going on to Mr Pearson's house.
Plan by George Johnston, joiner - joiner's workshop & stable, Robert Street
Water supply: landed proprietors can raise £1000, can the Commissioners raise £1000 to induce Dundee to build a reservoir at a higher level? Commissioners cannot raise £1000. Can the landed proprietors raise £2000? No.
Ex-Provost Scott was the first Provost, ex-Provost Leitch was the second Provost of the Burgh.
Lighting: Newport Gas Light Co. intend to apply for an order for supplying electricity within the burgh (Gas Light Co. - John Donaldson, merchant; John Ferguson, teacher; John Adam St Quentin Leng, journalist; James Brown, retired builder; James Chapman, confectioner.) Consent by Commissioners to apply for an order? Wait while discussions with Tayside Co. take place.
Lighting: agreement between Newport Gas Light Co. and Tayside Co. extending existing agreement from 1900 to 1901 - therefore withdraw application for an electricity order by the Newport Co.
Proposal by North British Electricity Supply Co, South Shields who intend to apply for an order to supply electrical energy to Newport - opposed.
Victoria Street is the main access to East Station.
Plans by Andrew Scott, shiprigger, Wormit - washhouse etc at 5, 6, 7, 8 Alma Terrace.
Waterstone Crook - handed over by Berry for use as football and cricket ground. ? Skating pond too? - no.
Retiring: Lawson, Brand, Welch.
Street naming: Robertson Place - put up without Mr A J Robertson's authority on new buildings on property of Taybank. Commissioners will shortly be naming all streets. From Dr Stewart's to Tayport Road will probably be St Phillans Place (or Street). ? rename his buildings Robertson Buildings?
Complaint by Pearson re gable at T Duncan's property - burgh surveyor didn't think it dangerous.

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