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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1910-11       (November 1910 - November 1911)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-10

Elected: James Young, High Street, no poll; David Thomson, Danellvid, 135 votes; James Coutts, Clifton, no poll.
Council: Ward 1: Simon Forrest, elected 1908; George Rollo, elected 1909; James Young, elected 1910. Ward 2: J Percy Sturrock, elected 1908; Robert T Leitch, elected 1909, Senior Bailie; David Thomson, elected 1910. Ward 3: William Robertson, elected 1908, Provost; Alexander Lindsay, elected 1909, Junior Bailie; James Coutts, elected 1910.
Copies of Burrow's Guide given to Council and others sold locally.
Park not ready to be opened.
Appoint Joseph Weekes, Assistant Burgh Surveyor Buckhaven, as Burgh Surveyor.
Light in right of way at High Street (stairway to Council yard).
Death of ex-provost Thomson, oil merchant, Provost November 1899 - November 1902 (interest in Boys Brigade).
Death of ex-provost Scott, retired bank agent, Provost October 1887 - November 1896. First Chief Magistrate in 1887. Sympathy to sisters-in-law. Copy to Miss Hain.
Removal of shed at entrance to right of way at High Street.
? A Council representative on Dundee Harbour Board (for ferries)?
Probably not competent to rescind gas rates / drainage districts for Wormit. - It isn't, therefore left.
Proposed interchangeable season tickets - ferries & trains.
January 1911. Start using new park and stop using Waterston.
Thomas Moffat to be employed on burgh staff to light and extinguish the Wormit lamps (instead of Patrick Fey) and clean all the burgh lamps, and also scavenging / road work duties. 23/- per week. Building line at Newburgh Road - before fixing, try to purchase ground next to bridge over old railway tunnel to widen the road.
Shepherds Brae / Road improvements: (Mr Leighton is in Duncraig) gravel path east of Duncraig on Shepherds Brae and south of Duncraig on Shepherds Road. Council to put in channel up east side of Shepherds Brae for the whole length. Council to finish roadway of Shepherds Brae, move central railing and put up a handrail on Duncraig's wall.
Vacant ground on north side of Station Road - fence repairs required - Berry: 'no', Mackie (factor): 'no', Berry: 'Stewart is now proprietor of ground, he has plans passed for building' - therefore remove old fence posts.
Tayside Electric: proposes alterations to lines of proposed extensions - agreed subject to removal of pole on footway on north side of Newburgh Road opposite the electric station (& no aerial lines over private property ...).
Mars boys still play on Waterston Park, so Leng won't hand over £500. Stop the Mars boys using it. Stair at old Woodhaven toll - encroaches on footway - move the stairway (£8).
Building line, Newburgh Road - railway holding things up. Stewart proposes a building 7' high in front of his garage.
New sewer at Mount Stewart Road & Hillpark Terrace - Stewart: 'unnecessary' and threatens interdict to stop it.
Dangerous building: an old back building (Arthur B Harris, Dumfries) - ?because of laying sewer close to its foundations?
King's coronation - ?pavilion at park?
6 March 1911. No Newport representative on Dundee Harbour Trustees.
Streets in Wormit referred to as Mount Stewart Road, Hillpark Terrace and Water Brae.
Construction of entrance to garage in Newburgh Road (Alex. Stewart).
Slaughter house - owned by Mathew Morrison - permits one of his butchers to slaughter there. The other butcher buys all his meat in Dundee.
2 public and 1 private schools in burgh; 4 factories and 20 workshops (including electric works) inspected regularly.
Windmill Park to be called 'Newport Recreation Park', formal opening on Coronation Day. Trees & shrubs planted.
Proposed buildings on Tayport Road - within 25' of centre of highway, the statutory limit. George Johnston, joiner, Newport. The front of the oriel window is 24' back from the centre of the road, the view from this window is otherwise greatly obscured by James S Jack's buildings on the north side, lately erected, which are only 21 feet back. ?widen the footway?
The park is officially 'on south side of Causewayhead Road'.
Coronation: tea at the park for school children; something for the poor; medallions for school children; sports at park - Mars & BB bands; flag for park.
Footway at Hillpark Terrace, north side, at Ballochmyle(Batchelor) and Ardoch Villa (Marquis) - not concreted yet.
Pavilion: about £200 in donations; cost £261-12-11. Purchase 3 seats for park.
Proposed building at Tayport Road: no agreement to widening the footpath, therefore Dean of Guild approved subject to no part being within 25' of centre of highway.
Steps at top of James Street (Gowrie Wood) to be renewed and to have those to the east properly repaired. (2 paths through the woods, steps at Queen Street end.)
Electric wires - proposed extension at Scroggieside - on poles on concrete footway on south side of Newburgh Road - refused - ?carry along back of houses on Newburgh Road?
Introduction of WCs at Woodhaven houses belonging to St Fort - needs extension of public sewer to bring it within 100 yards of property - this would go through cropped fields.
Bay Road - finally taken over Whitsunday 1911 [as far as Wedderspoon's], line not fixed as far as Chapman's, there is unfeued ground between them.
Report on Electric Co. from Mr Richardson, city electrical engineer, Dundee.
Coronation to be 22 June 1911.
Newport Swimming & Bathing Association (Mr Davis, Mr Groocock) - ?construct a pond on the beach? Council to clear large stones from the beach.
Burgh employees to have 7 days holidays in a year, so that at least 2 workmen will always be at work in the burgh.
Electric cables - amended plan approved - line of extension along the back of the houses - except (1) no approval of aerial lines attached to buildings; (2)no approval of poles in or wires over private property; (3) wire to be insulated; (4) approval of Council required for work done.
Complaint by Mr Pearson about state of Thomas Duncan's house, West Newport.
Lower Woodmuir Terrace - to be made up.
'West Bay Road, Wormit' - Kelt & others - proposal to straighten Bay Road west of the bridge - originally to bring forward the fence on the vacant ground - not now to be done - planted with shrubs.
Price of gas: 3/3d. per 1000 cu. ft. (3/6d. for slot meters) less 5% deduction for prompt payment.
Lower Woodmuir Terrace (Shepherds Road to Newburgh Road) and un-named street leading off it (Lower Woodmuir to Woodmuir Terrace), both being private streets under Burgh Police Acts, to be made up to a lower specification, including pawl posts to prevent through vehicular traffic , and cast iron covers in place of wooden ones over coal shoots in footway. Done by Council labour.
Drainage at Woodhaven - to go ahead.
T Duncan's house: contact Medical Officer of Health.

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