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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1912-13       (November 1912 - November 1913)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-12

Elected: George Rollo, Woodbine Terrace; David Thomson, Danellvid; John G Gilchrist, 5 Hill Terrace; - no polls.
Council: Ward 1: James Young, elected 1910; Simon Forrest, elected 1911, Junior Bailie; George Rollo, elected 1912.
Ward 2: Robert T Leitch, elected 1910, Provost; Charles William Buick, elected 1911; David Thomson, elected 1912, Senior Bailie.
Ward 3: James Coutts, elected 1910; James B Robb, elected 1911; John G Gilchrist, elected 1912.
Recreation Ground 'was given up by Town Council in accordance with golf club's desire, so as to permit it being included in the golf course ground'.
? new house for gas manager - on west - old one for the foreman?
Death of John M'Laggan, Craignish, one of the first commissioners in 1887.
Presentation to Mars Boy - Thomas Bee - heroic conduct at recent fire at Figtree Cottages.
Tennis court - not to go ahead.
Handrails - should Town Council do it? should proprietors do it?
Alteration of gate at West Newport station.
Death of Thomas Winton, wood merchant, Dundee - former Bailie. On Town Council 1895 - 1898.
Robert Just - property doesn't abut onto this street - 'produce titles or pay up' - Town Council.
Figtree Terrace property - request to construct a passageway through front property to the house behind.
Robert Just - failed to pay - steps to be taken.
Burning of rubbish on vacant ground at east end of Woodriffe Terrace - ask Berry if Kirk Road quarry could be used to dump inoffensive material?
Figtree Terrace property - north wall of back building considered dangerous: restoration of property damaged by fire.
New gas manager's house - £825.
Old quarry site (Kirk Road) - as dump - yes - but compact the tin cans and bottles first to give more space - unlike what happened at the old sand hole in Cupar Road then that wouldn't have had to be closed.
Notices about garden refuse - not to be put on vacant ground.
[Manure etc. separated from paper, tins, bottles, etc. and sent to 3 tips outside Burgh. 'Non-digestible' items being put in quarry.]
Figtree Terrace - widen footway (from Figtree ground).
2 September 1913. Wormit Electric lighting discussed - set up a sub-committee.
Retiring: Young, Buick & Coutts.
? feuing at vacant ground - Wormit Bay - roads to be made up and drainage required.

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