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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1913-14       (November 1913 - November 1914)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-13

Election of Parish Council: Ward 1: William Gilchrist Fairweather, St Phillans Place; Simon Forrest, Craig-Ard; James Husband, Lyndhurst. Ward 2: James Mackay Latto, Tayport Road; David H Robertson, 17 Kilnburn Place; James Young, High Street. Ward 3: James G Belford, Tayside; Alexander Johnston, Rowan Bank; James Sturrock, Baymount.
Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: James Young, Tay Street. Ward 2: Charles W Buik, Braeknowe. Ward 3: James Coutts, Clifton. All elected without contest.
Town Council: Ward 1: Simon Forrest, elected 1911, Senior Bailie; George Rollo, elected 1912; James Young, elected 1913.
Ward 2: Robert Thomson Leitch, elected 1909, Provost; David Thomson, elected 1912; Charles William Buik, elected 1913.
Ward 3: James Barry Robb, elected 1911, Junior Bailie; James G Gilchrist, elected 1912; James Coutts, elected 1913.
Wages of burgh workmen: Foreman - 32/6 per week; road roller driver - 27/6 per week; other workmen - 24/6 per week.
2 December 1913. Wormit electric lighting - 'desirable to have the opinion of an expert as regards condition of the plant and any other particulars ... ' Gas committee to employ such an expert.
Blyth Hall to be handed over from Trustees to Town Council.
Wormit electric lighting: Gas committee resolved that no expert be appointed [only 2 people could do it, one charging 50 guineas, one 10 guineas; after a vote on the 10 guineas decided not to appoint.]
Blyth Hall transfer - requires application to parliament by way of a provisional order under Private Legislation Procedure Act 1899 - joint approach to be made.
27 January 1914. Wormit electric lighting: deputation wanted to speak to Town Council meeting of 3 February 1914 - refused.
Wormit electric lighting: Town Council overturned the gas committee's recommendation and appointed Mr J W Napier, engineer & manager, gas & electric depts., Alloa, to furnish a report at a fee of 10 guineas. Napier visited Newport on Thursday 19th February 1914 and has still to test the dynamos, etc.
Purchase of horse mower for grass at park - £14 10/-
Wormit electric lighting: Napier's detailed report (7 pages) considered - existing plant could supply Wormit but a new generating station would be required for Newport and would initially run at a loss. Needn't worry about an outside company providing electric light in Newport - the sales of gas won't fall. Voted on (a) take no action on acquiring the Wormit company, or (b) hold a poll of residents to see if electric light was wanted. (a) 6 votes; (b) 3 votes; (voting 6 Newport councillors : 3 Wormit ones).
Wormit electric lighting: Letter from J G Gilchrist, solicitor, Dundee, asking for a deputation to be heard on 5th May - agreed.
Water trough at West Newport broken - to be repaired by Town Council. Letter from Thomas Gray Duncan, West Newport objecting to Town Council interfering with this watering place - no action.
Wormit electric lighting: Mr J G Belford was heard re: acquiring the Wormit electric light installation.
Water: one of Wormit's mains is connected at Wormit station to one from Dundee, resulting in greater pressure in Wormit.
Sewage smells from manholes at higher levels - a low tide causes the sewers to be flushed out with air - vent shafts have been erected for this purpose [one is at Bay Road].
5 May 1914. Wormit electric lighting: Town Council take the same vote - same result - no action.
Complaint from Mrs Rowan, Temperance Hotel, Pierhead, Newport about Sunday closing and the effect on trade. Bye-laws to be changed.
Who, Town Council or Mars, pays for Mars boys at St Michael's hospital? (At the 'Empress' training ship at Rhu the Council pays.) Newport Town Council won't pay for the boys.
Complaint from Mr David Pearson about rones on Thomas Duncan's house being faulty. M.O.H. and Sanitary Inspector to inspect house.
Crowds and carts blocking Causewayhead Road at the park on Saturdays.
Wall on north of Thomas Duncan's property dividing it from Miss Just's property was dangerous and was shored up by Town Council.
Thomas Duncan's rones: notice to put up necessary rones and install proper drains connected to the public sewer.
Town Council to try to get 40 Special Constables due to the War crisis. 30 were appointed on 25 August 1915 -
Special constables: George McLaren, 35, butcher, Gas Lane; Alexander Anderson, 35, butcher, James Square; John Lennox, 34, ironmonger, King St; David Bell, 24, grocer, Union St; Aikman McInroy, 35, engine driver, Union Tce; Alexander Davidson, 22, gardener, Den Cottages; John Duncan, 35, coal merchant, Thornbank; Frederick Duncan, 26, coal merchant, Thornbank; John Barlow, 47, plumber, Woodville, Robert St; James M Mathers, 41, clerk, 2 Norwood Tce; Joseph Carscadden, 29, joiner, c/o Caird, King St; William Ames, 35, carter, The Terrace; David Brown, 40, gardener, Gowrie Bank; Peter D Wighton, 45, grocer, West Newport; George Morrison, 35, flesher, Robert St; William Johnston, 34, blacksmith, William St; James Scott, 25, carter, Union Tce; James S Keay, 27, butcher, Union Place; John Storrier, 40, slater, Seacraig Cott., King St; Norman Duncan, 30, clerk, Kilnburn Tce; Robert Scott, 37, glazier, Kilnburn Tce; Herbert Storrier, 23, slater, Tayport Rd; John M Paterson, 40, tailor, Fife House, Wormit; George Collie, 41, horse hirer, Wormit; James Gilmour, 41, wagon examiner, Railway Cotts., Wormit; William Mitchell, 25, farm servant, Wormit Farm; William Todd, 36, dairyman, Scroggieside; Robert Noakes, 33, butcher, Woodend; David S Mitchell, 43, bank teller, Linden Ave; Thomas Lawson, 28, rope spinner, Wormit.
August 1914. Fire at John Ross & Son's store (Mr Berry, proprietor). ? State of the walls? ? barricade the whole building? Inefficiencies of the fire brigade. Deputation about fire brigade.
Blyth Hall - Royal Assent 28 August 1914.
Reduction of street lighting in east coast towns in wartime - the street lamps are already extinguished about 11 p.m. - no further action.
Retiring councillors: Forrest, Provost Leitch, Robb.
Public hall in Wormit is occupied by the military.
Burgh Surveyor's report on fire brigade - detailed report of water, mains, manning, hydrants, etc. A costly exercise to put in proper order. Left out detailed consideration, but bought more hose.

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