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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1914-15       (November 1914 - November 1915)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-14

Elected: Simon Forrest (no poll), William Reid (114 votes), James B Robb (no poll).
Ward 1: George Rollo, elected 1912; James Young, elected 1913; Simon Forrest, Craigard, elected 1914, Provost.
Ward 2: David Thomson, elected 1912; Charles William Buik, elected 1913, Junior Bailie; William Reid, Westmount, elected 1914.
Ward 3: John G Gilchrist, elected 1912; James Coutts, Clifton, elected 1913, Senior Bailie; James Barry Robb, Whinhurst, elected 1914.
Ex-Provost Leitch - removal of official lamp, erection of an ornamental lamp.
Licensing hours - not after 6 p.m. for military. For others, recommended as being same as Dundee (but not changed, by Sheriff).
Transfer of Blyth Hall includes heritable loan of £750 secured over 1 & 2 Hill Terrace, Wormit.
Water pressure - no point in putting in bigger pipes if no increase in water pressure - ? build a reservoir higher that the existing one? - refer to Dundee Water Commissioners.
Rates assessment roll - appeals - include: John Ross & Son (710), James Young (713), A K Niven (714) - these premises burnt down last year; Mr William Horsburgh's stable (1283) - taken down prior to Whitsunday last.
Re-arrangement of Valuation Roll in street order.
Additional Special Constables: Gordon Wallace, St Phillans Place; William McLaren, forester, Tayfield Cottages; Joseph Weekes, burgh surveyor; Alfred Henry Jenkins, manual training specialist, Wormit.
Wormit recreation ground - renewal of lease - ? widening of footpath ex adverso this ground and ground next to it - try for 4 year lease at £4 - lease from Miss Isabella Williamson MacLaren's trustees (sub-lease from Railway).
Water supply - Dundee won't build a new reservoir and don't have to supply water to houses above the 200 foot contour (i.e. 50 feet below the top level of the existing reservoir). If land owners want to carry the expense, that's up to them.
Special Constables: several have left the district or joined the forces. Additions: George Buchan Ritchie, manufacturer, Wellgate Park; William Ross Hopton, plumber, Union Terrace.
Drunkenness on Dundee holidays - the pubs there are closed and people are going to Pickletillum, St Michaels and Leuchars.
Mr Weekes resigns as Burgh Surveyor - appointed at Irvine, Ayrshire. Appoint Mr William Clark, presently Burgh Surveyor in Tayport.
April 1915. Medical Officer of Health report: Since outbreak of war, 300 - 400 soldiers stationed at Wormit, firstly in billets, then in own huts. Infectious cases - at fever hospital, St Michaels. Smallpox - the hospital near Guardbridge.
Burgh Surveyor's report: 'new golf club pavilion'.
3 refuse depots - all outwith the Burgh area.
Since 5th August 1914, 400 - 500 men drafted into Wormit. Firstly billeted in private residences, then huts were built. Latrines were built where permanent men were to be kept - Scroggieside Farm (sandbag stockade across the highway); recreation room; 50 Royal Engineers housed at a mansion house in West Newport; Guardroom or Blockhouse at the extreme west end of the Burgh; Church Hall (U.F. Church, Wormit) was the mess HQ; technical classrooms of Wormit School used as HQ of Royal Engineer unit; suitable accommodation commenced in October - 16 sleeping huts, stores, cook-houses, latrines, bathrooms & recreation hall. Ground chosen is admirable - good water supply and drainage via burgh sewers.
Special Constables: James Ogilvy Adams, manager, Abbotsford; Alexander G Strachan, water inspector, Ripplebank; Charles Ferrie, plasterer, Robert Street; James Ogilvie Jack, plumber, Robert Street.
National Registration Scheme.
? Painting of unlit lampposts white?
Elections in 1915 were cancelled.
? Feuing of vacant ground at West Newport?

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