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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1915-16       (November 1915 - November 1916)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-15

Resignation of Councillor Rollo. Election, ad interim, of ex-Provost Carswell, Linden Avenue.
Charles Buik now Senior Bailie, J. Coutts is Junior Bailie.
Smallpox case - boy from Glasgow sent to Mars but not taken on board - sent to joint smallpox hospital at Williamstadt. Who will pay?
Repayment of £5 deposit to Wormit Electric Co. for gas supply. ? Charge for electric light poles on the streets?
Harris Buildings - back buildings very unsatisfactory, i.e. dangerous. Owner Arthur B Harris, Dumfries. North block - partly store / workshop for Jos. Keay jun., painter; partly washhouse; and through which access to washhouse & WC used by occupier of front (south) property is obtained. Occupants should remove: i.e. Keay jun., painter, and the occupants in the south block (Jos. Keay, stationer, & Mrs James Stuart) shouldn't use washhouse & WC or access thereto until safe.
Harris Buildings: The property lies between the road and the sea cliff: a front tenement and detached back buildings, the latter extending close to the sea cliff. Back buildings partly whinstone, partly brick, partly of 1, 2 & 3 storeys used as painter's store (now vacated) on top and middle floors, and washhouse on ground floor next to the cliff. Wooden WC situated between the washhouse and the cliff. Washhouse & WC for the use of the occupier of the tenement. Access from upper ground to washhouse and WC by steps leading through the whinstone building for the depth of the ground storey floor, and by a pathway along the edge of the cliff. [The cliff is eroding - no support - building dangerous.] The back buildings could collapse and are dangerous; doorway at entrance passageway boarded up.
Failure to get Mr Robert Just to install a sink in property in Newburgh Road occupied by Miss Ann Crichton, grocer. She doesn't now live on the premises - delay meantime.
March 1916. Death of ex-Councillor Rollo, shipmaster (member of Council 1906 - 1915). Daughter Mrs Kennedy.
Only 28 street lights allowed in Burgh.
Tuberculosis case - Mr Ernest Albert Betsworth, Woodend.
Death of Lawrence Anderson, burgh officer & hall keeper, formerly police sergeant in the Burgh.
June 1916. Death of Ex-Provost Andrew Leitch, shipowner and coal exporter, Provost 1896 - 1899. He resided in Newport for 40 years, elected to Town Council November 1889. Son is ex-Provost R T Leitch.
There are 4 or 5 villa houses in Wormit not in the Burgh.
Refuse depots - 1. in a field off Flass Road, on the hillside, surrounded by a wire fence; 2. in a field near Wormit station. Material mainly ashes.
20th Highland Light Infantry stationed at Wormit, Lt.-Col. R L Guthrie.
Appoint new Hall keeper - Thomas Brown, Gas Works Lane.
Barricades across the road near the west boundary at Newburgh Road now removed.
Woodend - combined house & shop (Miss Ann Crichton) - proprietor Mr Robert Just - to be ordered to install a sink and water supply.
Pluck-the-Craw houses - water closet accommodation to be required - well down in north of garden, 4 feet 9 inches x 2 feet 9 inches x 6 feet 6 inches high, 4 and a half inch brick walls (Mr Berry).
Council Chambers telephone - No. 14 Newport
July 1916. Death of ex-Bailie G R Thom, manufacturer, member of Council November 1899 - 1906.
August 1916. Street from Kirk Road to West Station - call on Mr Charles W Mitchell, proprietor, to form a gravelled footway ex adverso his property (which extends the whole length of the street) with a proper kerb and channel - not adopted as a resolution of Town Council.
? Aircraft searchlight to be placed in park?
Woodend sink - no action yet - refer to Burgh Prosecutor.
Resignation of Mr Scrimgeour as Town Clerk after 27 years. Applicants for post: William Forrest French, James Grant, James Husband, Frank H Morrison, F E Scott (all solicitors in Dundee). Appointed Frank H Morrison.
Fire at Harris Buildings (proprietor - Mrs Elizabeth Harris, Brown Street, Broughty Ferry)
Military occupation of the park - huts put up.
Special constables: Charles Yeaman, engineer, Thornbank, Cupar Road; James Johnston, watchmaker, Union Street; James Brown, c/o Mrs Hopton, Union Terrace; John Hutton, labourer, Meldrum Square; William Duncan, labourer, Tayfield; Thomas Brown, caretaker, Blyth Hall Buildings.
Smith Hood & Co. - erect office at Newburgh Road, Wormit.
No election to be held this year either.
Hiring of tool shed at Wormit from Mrs Fay - £1 per annum.

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