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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1916-17       (November 1916 - November 1917)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-16

Ward 1: William Carswell, co-opted 1915; James Young, elected 1913; Simon Forrest, elected 1914, Provost.
Ward 2: David Thomson, elected 1912; Charles William Buik, elected 1913; William Reid, elected 1914, Junior Bailie.
Ward 3: John G Gilchrist, elected 1912; James Coutts, elected 1913; James Barry Robb, elected 1914, Senior Bailie.
Sink at Just's property: hold until alterations in use of premises, to be made Whitsunday next. If allowed to remain until Whitsunday next Mr Just will either install sink and water, or will only let the shop in conjunction with the house over it.
December 1916. Rumours of closure of West Newport station.
Formation of Upper Victoria Street and Upper Woodmoor Terrace - too expensive.
Binding of Minutes - of last 19 years.
Footway leading from Birkhill Avenue to the military huts.
Special Constables: Peter McKerron, gardener, Kinbrae Lodge; David Moir, gardener, Highfield Lodge; William Anderson, boiler inspector, Derby House; Henry A Lees, hardware merchant, Ashcliff, Wormit.
Storing of 10000 cartridges in the armoury at Blyth Hall by A Company, 2nd Fife Volunteer Regiment.
Special Constables: George S Fraser, traveller, 4 Prospect Terrace; Alexander Kay, clerk, Newburgh Road, Wormit; Henry Johnstone, joiner, Newburgh Road, Wormit; Hugh W Scott, clerk, 5 Alma Terrace; Peter S Kennedy, engineer, 12 Robert Street. Now 35 men.
Street repairs: Wormit - repair Newburgh Road from Academy Street [sic] to Scroggieside.
Special Constables: James Robertson, joiner, Westfield Terrace; William F Leng, customs officer, Scroggieside; James Cuthbert, The Towers, Wormit; John W Callaghan, cutler, Scroggieside.
Damage to surface of Birkhill Avenue by water from Marr Hill Road [sic] and ground above same (Mr Cowley).
June 1917. Sink at Just's property - now installed.
Path at north of John Leng's property at Seymour - in a poor state - clerk to report.
Special Constables: William Dewar, jute merchant, Ravenscraig, Wormit; Alexander Bell, clothier, Glencairn, Wormit.
Proposed use of Blyth Hall for billeting troops.
Birkhill Avenue flooding - Cowley holds military responsible (path to huts). Complaints from William Sturrock & J B Stewart, tenants of houses entered by private road leading from Birkhill Avenue - access road made dangerous by flooding.
Path at Seymour - case of Berry v. Wilson, 1841, 4D139 - refers to the path along the shore. Town Council trying to get a copy of the report of the Sheriff of Fife referred to in that case.
Woodend: ashpit - is unsanitary, replace with dustbins; no rones - fit them.
Path at Seymour: decision of Court of Session - maintenance of sea wall by the proprietor of ground at Craighead brought before Court of Session by Sheriff of Fife; and Court of Session, while not wishing to put future obligations on the defender in that action, reserved the right to the pursuer to raise the matter at any future time.
September 1917. Death of William Cowley, councillor 1902 - 1907.
No elections this year either.
Use of Blyth Hall by YMCA for soldiers - canteen, etc.
Ashpits: 4 movable dustbins to replace 2 ashpits presently in use at Woodend; and 1 dustbin to replace 1 ashpit at Rose Cottage (Mr Robert Just).

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