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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1917-18       (November 1917 - November 1918)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-17

Council membership same as last year; Simon Forrest re-elected Provost, William Reid - Senior Bailie, James Young - Junior Bailie.
Special Constables: James Mitchell, shipping agent, 11 Linden Ave.; Alexander McRaich Imrie, inspector of weights & measures, 7 Hill Cresc.
Highland Light Infantry stationed at Newport & Wormit.
A wet canteen for soldiers in Robertson Place - causing a nuisance in St Mary's Lane.
March 1918. Presentation of medal to William Walker - employed by Town Council for 30 years.
Pumping station at Wormit 'is in working order and can be brought into use at short notice' - wait until after the war and see about additional reservoirs.
Laverock Quarry (Berry) - used as source of road metal (6d. per load) - Berry refers to the 'old workings'.
Ashbins outside the Burgh: Forgan School, J Herbert Smith, Capt. J Percy Sturrock.
M.O.H. Report: drainage on Honeyman's property, Graham Place, is unsatisfactory.
Stair to ladies swimming pool at Braes & steps down to boat shed - unsafe.
May 1918. Death of Mr Alex. Duncan, builder, Newport - one of the early members of the Town Council when made a Burgh; first convener of roads & streets.
Steps to bathing shelter: Swimming Club to put in order.
Steps to boat shed: not put in by Boat Shed Committee (Mr Allison) but by Mr Bruce at his expense.
Braes opposite Netherlea: unsafe fence - see ex-Provost Leitch.
Summer house at Harcourt House - no rones.
Braes opposite Netherlea: patch up holes in wall - that portion of Braes is private property - remove the 3 seats (presented by his father). Will Town Council get control over the Braes at West Newport similar to that at East Newport? No - small benefit, high cost of fencing.
Refuse dump in Arnott's farm - permission now stopped. Seek a dump elsewhere.
No election this year either.
Removal of William Anderson, Royal Buildings to poorhouse. Mr Kemp, poor inspector, has funds and will pay.
Fire at Bailie Young's premises in High Street.

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