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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1918-19       (November 1918 - November 1919)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-18

Council: Ward 1: William Carswell, co-opted 1915; James Young, elected 1913, Senior Bailie; Simon Forrest, elected 1914, Provost.
Ward 2: David Thomson, elected 1912, Junior Bailie; Charles William Buik, elected 1913; William Reid, elected 1914.
Ward 3: John G Gilchrist, elected 1912; James Coutts, elected 1913; James Barry Robb, elected 1914.
November 1918. Fire at Tayside Electric & Gas Co. - Sunday 17th.
December 1918. Naval vessels moored in Tay, had been obstructing ferries - now gone.
Refuse dump at rear of Norwood - objections from residents.
February 1919. Death of Councillor William Carswell (& ex-Provost).
Co-option of Thomas Roger, (ex-Provost), Snowdon, Tay Terrace to Town Council.
Proposed war memorial to be an artistic porch at entrance to Blyth Hall.
Special Constables: John T Young, Victoria Street; William Mackie, Victoria Street.
Renew lease of recreation ground at Wormit for 5 years.
Claim for injury - Miss Ellen Thomson, 7 Norwood.
Registration - place of public refreshment - 9 Robert Street (Mrs Margaret O'Hare, 7 Robert Street).
June 1919. Death of former councillor J P Robertson.
Place of refreshment - 2 Robert Street (Mrs Christina Bell), - ? and use back room as a living room - no.
Parish Council - included Messrs. Husband, Belford, Johnston, Latto, Smith, Kinlay, W A Mitchell, Mackay, C W Mitchell, Sturrock.
Appointment of S P Nicoll as Asst. Burgh Chamberlain to Mr Kemp, in place of Mr Murdoch (after 15 years).
Public refreshment - Joseph Keay, confectioner, Newburgh Road - refused: internal communication with living accommodation.
Public refreshment - Nance Kay, 3 Robert Street.
Heavy gun & carriage given to Town Council as war trophy.
Retiring: Roger, Thomson, Gilchrist; Provost Forrest is resigning.
Provosts' Tablet - with names of Provosts.
? Extend burgh boundary south in Ward 3?
Special Constables: David Moir, gardener, Highfield; James O Jack, plumber, Robert Street; Aikman McInroy, steam roller driver, Union Terrace; John Storrier, slater, Seacraig Cottages; David McLaren, gamekeeper, Tayfield Cottages; John O Adams, clerk, Abbotsford, Wormit; Robert Currie, traveller, Earnbank, Wormit. List now down to 25 plus William Berry, Independent, Tayfield House; Simon Forrest, Provost, Craigard.

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