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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1920-21       (November 1920 - November 1921)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-20

Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1 - Robert Davis, Norbay, 362 votes; Ward 2 - Charles William Buik, Braeknowe & Garnet Douglas Wilson, Netherfield, 20 Kilnburn Place - no poll; Ward 3 - James Barry Robb, Whinhurst.
Council: Ward 1: John Thomson Young, elected 1919; William Forrest French, elected 1919, Junior Bailie; Robert Davis, elected 1920. Ward 2: Alexander Macfarlane Anderson, elected 1919; Garnet Douglas Wilson, elected 1920; Charles William Buik, elected 1920. Ward 3: Francis Ingram Oakley, elected 1919, Senior Bailie; James Coutts, elected 1913, Provost; James Barry Robb, elected 1920.
Cottages at Wormit: Messrs D M Gibb, acting for proprietor, would be pleased to receive an offer for them. Council won't buy, proprietor to put them in order or sell them on.
Accounts: Town Clerk allocated £265 to enable him to meet the price of the site at East Newport Station.
Housing planned for East Newport Station site. Cost of houses at Station Brae: £12993-17-7 for 12 houses.
Approved layout plans for housing at Wormit.
December 1920. Assessment schedule for the year is approved.
Train and boat service: efforts to have it returned to a pre-war frequency.
Death of ex-councillor Lindsay.
Wormit war memorial: Council to take it over for all time coming. Mrs Orchison, Carseview, had granted the corner site.
New off-road drainage for Flass Road.
March 1921. Wormit site: Council take occupation of ground at Whitsunday next.
Coal emergency order.
Resignation of Frederick G Kemp (medical grounds, advanced years) as Town Chamberlain from 15 May next.
Temperance poll (held November 1920) had resulted in restriction of licences of Mr Charles Barrie and Mr Bowden.
Places for public refreshment: Mrs Janet Wannan, Robertson Place; Mrs Rachel Gilmour, Bay Road - interconnecting door with house.
4 houses planned for Wormit.
Burgh surveyor's report: 1 blacksmith, 5 boot repairers, 2 cabinet makers & upholsterers, 1 carpet beater, 3 cycle & motor car repairers, 2 dressmakers, 1 electrical works, 1 hairdresser, 1 hotel, 1 ironmonger, 4 joiners, 2 masons, 1 milliner, 1 optician, 4 painters, 1 plasterer, 3 plumbers, 3 restaurants, 2 slaters, 2 tailors, 1 underclothing & baby linen maker, 1 watch & jewellery repairer, 2 bakehouses, 3 licensed dairymen / cow-keepers, 2 milk shops, 6 milk purveyors (36 cows in byres).
20 Dean of Guild new building applications.
Appoint S P Nicoll as Burgh Chamberlain (presently Assistant). Mr Kemp had acted for the Burgh for 34 years.
Trains: the 'dinner trains' had stopped - complaints from Council.
Formation of a street separating Struan Place properties from the Newport housing site - 'Struan Street'.
Rents of new houses: 3-roomed £24 per annum, 4-roomed £28 per annum.
Mr Gilchrist, joiner, to erect some houses at Newburgh Road, Wormit.
New sewer extension at Newburgh Road, Wormit - from the lamp-post opposite the cottages belonging to Mr Johnstone for 59 lineal yards.
June 1921. Fire at Comerton Home - Newport fire brigade was in attendance.
Wormit housing scheme has been delayed by the government.
Miss Helen T Dunn appointed Assistant Burgh Chamberlain.
Bathing sheds at East Newport braes.
Retiring: Councillors J T Young, A M Anderson, F I Oakley.

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